Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We finally got our chocolate

So every year for Mother's day, all of the women at our church get a little gift. This gift has become quite the topic amongst the men lately. One year we received a lovely pamphlet on Motherhood, i'm sure it was lovely, but mine ended up in the trash, unread. Usually we get a flower...a petunia or pansy. Now I love flowers, but with four kids, by the time I get around to planting my ONE flower....it's usually too late. Side note: (This year the men asked the young women to wrap the flowers so they wouldn't be so messy. We politely declined and told them for Mother's day the MEN were in charge. ) So every year we hint to the menfolk that we would just like some chocolate. A hershey bar, a cookie....anything chocolate and we'll be happy. And every year we come home with a flower. (I'm not trying to complain, I do appreciate the effort) But this year they finally got it right. We got our chocolate! There were a lot of happy women at church on Sunday. It's pretty easy guys...just a little chocolate and we're happy!


Amanda said...

How wonderful! We always get a plant to and mine usually die, or bloom once and then it is over. I would rather have chocolate!

Anth said...

Yeah, the flower? So over that.

Of course, they gave us Hersheys...I'd rather have one Lindt truffle than an entire bag of Hersheys. My husband says I am so ungrateful.

And I'm really pretty annoyed that the men would even THINK of asking the YW to help!

EdgyK said...

I am not sorry to say I love the flowers. The RS protested the chocolate, but the men conveniently ignored us. Not everyone enjoys chocolate. Whenever I get sweets at church I give them to my husband, unless it contains coconut. I looooove coconut. Sometimes I think the church has some conspiracy to make my fat.