Wednesday, March 5, 2014

a little time off

Well, I took a little time off.  I mean I just missed Dallin's first year of life, that's all.... I've decided I should try again to keep up with my blog posts as it's the only "journal" this family has.  So recapping
2013 in pictures!
Can't remember anything about January, so we'll start with February.  We usually have a valentines themed family dinner, this year it was heart shaped pizza. Luckily the kids are pretty easy to please.

I had my first real garden this year.  Brent put up a fence to keep the deer away.  Towards the end of the summer the rabbits did find their way in though.  It was fun to have a garden, but I definitely need to learn how to keep the weeds down, they were out of control and I couldn't keep up.  I gave up after awhile! I grew tomatoes, beets, basil, carrots, strawberries, squash.  The beets and tomatoes grew like crazy, but got hardly any squash.  It's a learning experience!

Dallin LOVES being outside.  He's 9 months old in this pic.

Claire and her best kindergarten friend Sophie, on the last day of school.
Dallin, looking quite dapper
Cole hurt his lip at school, he somehow fell off a slide.
The boys, our Oregon state fans.
 Malia before a 6th grade choir concert.  She looks so pretty in this picture.  She decided to continue with Choir in 7th grade and has even started voice lessons.
The boat received a much needed upholstery job.  The boys were all so happy. :)

Cole was lucky enough to celebrate his birthday at sunriver this year.  We had a fun "amazing race" with the kids.  The morning of his birthday I went around and set up my clues in the village.  The kids were divided up into teams and were given certain roadblocks/challenges to do.  The first team back to the house wins.  The kids loved it and it just may become an annual tradition.  Cole of course requested costco's chocolate cake.
Dallin's first time swimming.  After a few minutes of getting used to it, he loved it.
While in Sunriver I ran a half marathon. I connected with a couple of friends from Keizer.  We didn't stick together as they are much faster than me.  I wasn't in love with my time, but just happy to finish.  It was something that i'm glad I did.  My brother-in-law Jon also ran.  (and beat me without training) :(
After Sunriver we were blessed with a quick visit from the Jones'.  We dragged them to a boring 4th of July parade and went boating at the lake, followed by an outdoor movie.  We loved having them and tried to pack 1000 things into one day. (i'm sure they loved that)

Jacob, Cole and Claire all played baseball this year.  Jacob was able to play on the little league's all star team.
I coached Claire's team.  They were so cute, and so....not into playing.  Mostly they would ask how much longer until the game was over.  It was fun though.
Claire in a ballet/tap class that she took through parks and rec.
Malia put on her summer kids camp and was able to raise some school clothes money.  Unfortunately we got rained on the first session, which made for a crowded house.  But we were blessed with beautiful weather for the second session.

While Malia was away at girls camp I gave her room a makeover.  She was so surprised when she got home.

Dallin still wasn't interested in walking, which made for very dirty trips to the beach

we spent many weekends/evenings at the lake.  Malia, Jacob and Cole all got up on waterski's for the first time.  One of the hightlights of the summer (no pics) was a couples retreat we went on with two other couples.  We went up to priest lake and camped.  The weather was amazing and friendships were strengthened.  Thanks to my mom for coming and watching the kids!
One of our favorite summer activities is setting up the big screen and watching movies in the backyard.  Nothing better on a warm summer's night.
Dallin's first birthday was spent at the May family Ranch at a family reunion. Dallin makes everyone smile.  He was a late bloomer, he rolled over at 6 months, didn't sit up until 8 months, started to crawl around 10 months and started to walk at 14 months. He was just pretty content being on his own time table.   I'm not big on 1st birthdays, because really, they don't really know what's going on, but it is pretty sad that this is one of the only pictures of the day. Yes i am lame. Sorry Dallin...we love you!
Malia's first day of seventh grade.

Jacob 5th grade, Cole 4th grade and Claire 1st grade.  All at the same school now.

We had been meaning to get new family pictures for quite awhile.  We got together with our good friends, the Holdings and we took each others pictures.  

October brought Cupcake wars!  Grannie went all out this year and I think Julia won "best overall."  We were eating cupcakes for weeks.
This is also the month that Dallin started walking! 14 mo old.
 November we spent Thanksgiving in Oregon.  We were able to see my parents new house for the first time.  They sold the home that my Dad built 30+ years ago and bought a manufactured home to put on my sisters property.  They are now "country dwellers." We loved our visit and loved seeing their new place.  Thanksgiving morning we headed to Corvallis for an early morning turkey trot.  It was a great way to start off the day.  I've been having issues with plantar fasciitis, so I walked it, while Brent and Jacob ran.  I was able to walk with my sister and chat....loved it.  It was a great Thanksgiving.
Christmas seemed to come so quickly after Thanksgiving.  We spent Christmas eve at Grannie's house.  Everyone was there except birch and Sara, who would be arriving the next day.  We had our talents show, play, white elephant and lots and lots of food.  
Christmas morning we spent at our own home.  It was so nice and relaxing.  We had cinnamon rolls and orange juice for breakfast.  We took our time opening presents.  All the boys wanted for Christmas was "skylanders."  (a wii game) They talked and planned for weeks about playing this game.  I can now say that they conquered the game and were asking to sell it within two weeks.  (sigh.....)  Malia got a new touchscreen phone, Claire got some action figures from the movie frozen.  We headed back to Grannie's for Christmas dinner.  It was a fun, family filled Christmas.
Brent spent his birthday on the slopes with a few of his brothers and lots of kids.  I stayed home with Dallin.  That night we had a little party at our house.  He was excited to get a new soundbar for the t.v.!

 I was so excited for my birthday.  I had the whole day planned out. It involved spinning class in the morning.  Malia and I heading out for lunch and shopping, followed by an adult only dinner.  I made it through half of spinning class before I decided I was too nauseous to continue.  Nothing like walking out on a class halfway through.  I felt lame.  I went to cafe rio for lunch with my friend Amy and Malia.  Still wasn't feeling hot.  I dropped off Amy and malia and I headed to the mall.  I made it to one store before I decided I needed to call it a day.  I spent the rest of the day in bed.   I was down and out for a good week. This picture was Malia and I having birthday cake several days after our birthday's.  When I finally felt good enough to eat it.
 Here's a picture of my birthday dinner without me. :)
 Malia did get to do some fun things for her birthday.  In November I took her to the midnight showing of "the hunger games."  She was so excited and we both loved the movie!

She also had some friends over for cake and ice cream and they went to see "the book thief."

It was a great year, and hopefully I can do a better job of keeping up in 2014

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas 2012

This holiday season was "different" for us.  In some ways good and in some ways not as good.  Because of a family wedding 3 days after Christmas, we ended up staying home this year instead of going to Oregon.  It is nice to stay home and not have to pack up presents and drive far, but we were all alone for the first time EVER, since we've been married.  ALONE!  This may not seem like a big deal to most, but we are used to our holidays involving family and more family.  So Christmas eve, we ate our array of food, then we put together some goodie baskets and made some deliveries.  This supposed to be fun event was overshadowed by grumpy, fighting kids.  I felt like I was on an episode of "the middle" (If you haven't seen this show you MUST watch) We came back home and had a little talent show/program, the kids opened up one gift and were off to bed.  We used to do jammies for our one gift, but the boys refuse to wear pajamas..they prefer the underwear only kind of sleeping.  So the boys got a new board game and the girls got pajamas.
Our Charlie brown Christmas tree. Mark my words, this is the LAST year that i will be cheap, cutting down our own tree in the forest to save $20.  I am ready for a big, full, beautiful tree.
Malia playing dress-up with claire.  The hair is...interesting, but she's so cute it doesn't matter
Christmas morning, we woke up at 6:30 and opened stockings.  Had a breakfast of monkey bread and fruit, then opened the rest of our presents.  I do love Christmas morning at home, we took our time and had a great morning.  The hardest part of the day was having Christmas dinner alone.  Let me tell you, between making a smorgasborg of food for Christmas eve, and then making the whole Christmas dinner and making treats for goodie baskets. I was exhausted.  Doing Christmas alone is a lot of work.  The highlight of the day was the afternoon, when Brent and I pretended we had forgotten one present.  They opened up the Wii that they thought they would never get.  We spent the rest of the afternoon playing the wii. :) The only thing that would have made this holiday better is if we had been able to share it with some family~
The next day was Brent's birthday.  Having a birthday the day after Christmas is hard.  This birthday happened to take the cake as the lamest birthday in history, of ALL time, the lamest. Even Brent will admit this!  He did get his breakfast in bed, but that's where the fun ended.  We were getting ready to leave for Utah at 4:30 the next morning.  We literally spent the whole day cleaning the house, getting the car ready and packed, and running a few errands.  We had hoped to at least go out for dinner, but we were so busy getting ready and so exhausted that we didn't have time.  We had Christmas day leftovers and no cake.  He's a good sport, but I promise next year we will make up for this lame birthday and have the best birthday EVER.

We left for Utah at 5:00 the next morning.  I was so worried about this trip and how Dallin would do.  Brent had everything "figured out" and had the kids strategically placed with activities, etc.  Um..didn't work.  He had Dallin in the very back seat between two kids and me in the front seat.  Needless to say, the seating arrangements changed quickly. It's the thought that counts hon. The trip was great, weather was mostly good and Dallin was great.  We drove with Brent's brother Logan, so on one leg of the trip we switched some kids around.  I think that helped the trip go by faster.  We arrived in Utah on the 27th and stayed with my sister in Orem.  She was a great hostess.  She fed us well and the kids had a great time playing with their cousins, logan and Lexi.
Andrew and Jenna were married the next day in the Oquirrh Mt temple.  It was freezing, but sunny and they looked very happy.  

This also happened to be Malia and I's birthday.  I love sharing my birthday with Malia.  I think it was a little hard for her because it didn't really feel like a birthday.  We had opened our presents before we left, so we didn't have to travel with them.  But the good news is that we were surrounded by our family all day and that was fun.  We had a fun luncheon at a church in South Jordan.  We of course had to perform in a talent show.  I always complain about this, I hate performing in front of people.  BUT, it did make the luncheon fun and I am glad we do it.  (although it would be nice if everyone but me performed)
We finished up the day with a the time we got home that night we were exhausted. But it was a great day.  We are excited to have Jenna in the family.
The rest of the time we were there we, went to the BYU bookstore and out to burger surpreme, the kids went to see "the guardian", went to temple square to see the lights, I was able to visit with an old friend, Tracey Christensen, and we were able to walk through the model home that my sister and her husband are hoping to build. It was so great to spend time with Deyce and Garrick.  They are amazing people. 

Temple square was so beautiful.  We got there just a few minutes before the lights turned on.  As we were posing for a picture, everything lit up.  The kids thought that was pretty cool.  It was FREEZING, but well worth the trip.
Dallin all bundled up at temple square.  This kid is an amazing baby.  Although he's a little slower than all the other kids.  He's 5 1/2 months and still doesn't roll over.  He's the chunkiest thing you've ever seen and I love him!

 New years eve day, we drove to Eden, UT to stay the night with some family before we headed home.
A picture of Eden, UT.  It was so beautiful driving away from made me want to move there.  I'm sure there are plenty of jobs in Eden.  Start lookin ' honey


I was trying to post this on my Christmas post...but whatever, it's taking to much brain power to figure it out.  Here's Dallin, completely immobile, except for his tongue.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Summer 2012...late posting

I've been meaning to do this for quite some time, but have just not had the chance to get to it. I am finally doing it! In August my work sponsored a group of 12 runners to participate in a race called the Spokane to Sandpoint relay. The relay starts at the top of Mount Spokane and goes to a town called Sandpoint 185 miles away. The 12 runners are divided into 2 vehicles and each runner runs 3 legs. The race takes about 28 hours to complete. It was a very hot day that day so some of our runners really struggled. Luckily I was the first runner and started around 9am and my other two legs were either in the evening or early morning. I really enjoyed the race and was glad I finished!
Back in early September was our annual ABH (All Brother Hike). This is our 12th year in a row doing it! Unfortunately only 4 of the 7 brothers could go on it (Birch, Me, Logan and Kelly). This year was we decided to to a 3 day bike trip instead of hiking. We spent the summer preparing for what would be about a 220 bike trip. Before this trip, I'd mostly been a casual rider, so to get ready I had to invest in a few things. First I had to get a decent bike. I purchased a Schwinn bike online after doing a lot of research. It is a good bike and served me well. Nothing too fancy. I also had to invest in clipless pedals. I'd never worn them before, I'd always used toe clips in the past, but I found that I really liked riding with the clipless pedals. I especially liked that I didn't lose the circulation to my feet like when I used toe clips.
We decided to do our trip in Banff national park area (Canada). We rode a loop called the golden triangle. We drove up to Canada on a Wednesday evening and had started our trek Thursday morning. Our first day of riding was definitely our hardest. We went about 78 miles and ascended over 4,250 feet in elevation! That was a ruff first day. The next two days were about 77 and 68 miles. I was very pleased to say that I felt really good on the trip. I did not get too sore and had plenty of energy (thanks Cytomax). At the end of our trip we went to the Radium Hot Springs pool and soaked. It was a great trip.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Welcome to the world Dallin!

Dallin Curtis Ditto joined us on August 2nd and 6:30 on the dot. He weighed in at 7lbs 14 oz and was 19 1/2" long. (The rest of this is mostly for my "journal." So I can remember details later. Feel free to tune out and just look at the cute pics. :)

This pregnancy was a pretty easy one. I craved fresh pineapple and anything tomato/basil/mozzarella. I did a lot of walking up until the last month. I did have some lower back pain halfway through that was pretty painful. I started seeing a chiropractor and the pain was gone after about a month and never came back. (Thanks Dr.Ficklin!) The only other problem was my blood pressure. With all of my pregnancies my blood pressure became an issue in the last month. It was up and down at the end of this pregnancy. I had one really high reading (right around the time we found out our renters skipped town) and the dr went into full on "caution" mode. The last month was full of weekly ultrasounds and non-stress tests. I personally thought they were being a little over cautious, but I just went along with is all. At my 38 week appt, my blood pressure was actually fine, but somehow I managed to talk the doctor into inducing me early, by reminding him of my blood pressure. :) He called the hospital and got me in that very evening.

Brent had a softball game that night, and since I knew nothing would be happening anytime soon, I volunteered to go to the hospital solo and he would come after his game. Let me tell you, that felt weird. I had never even been inside the hospital so I was walking around with my duffel bag, my huge body pillow and my huge tummy, trying to figure out where I was going. I was quick to tell the nurses that yes my husband would be joining me soon. Around 8pm the nurse gave me a drug that would start softening my cervix. I was nowhere close to being ready for this baby when I went in...I was dilated to MAYBE a 2. The drug started some mild contractions, but nothing to painful. I was able to get an epidural at 2am...before any real pain hit. It was bliss. After the epidural I slept, and slept. They gave me pitossin to start labor at 4 in the morning. The doctor came in and broke my water at 5:30 am, I was only dilated to a 4 at this point. From 5:30 until 6:30 am I went from a 4 to a 10 and was ready to deliver. two good pushes and Dallin joined us. He has been a DREAM baby.