Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Help ME!

I need help! I am notoriously indecisive and I am having such a hard time making a decision on what color granite. The dark granite actually has some green in it, which worries me a little but I keep reading that it is so dark you really can't tell and it looked okay in the warehouse. I am worried about it showing more dirt/crumbs. We narrowed our choices down to two and i've attached two pictures of the same granites in other houses. We will be having white cabinets and the floor will be a darker brown laminate wood. Cast your vote!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The latest

Is anyone else ready for spring? One thing I will miss about Oregon is that spring comes much earlier than it does here. The flowers poke out of the ground and the trees blossom and you feel so happy to see those early signs of spring. Here, everything is brown, brown, brown. I can't wait to see some signs of spring...Sorry to complain, just missing the color a bit today. I guess i'll just have to be a little more patient.
So, Our computer died, like really died. We had to take it in and pay mucho $ to have our information extracted from it. Then we had to pay mucho $ for a new computer. Why does it seem like this stuff happens at the worse times? So, sorry to keep boring you with house photos, but this is where i'm documenting everything, so... things are moving along quickly. The plumbing is done, the windows are in, the back deck has been started, the electrical is happening this week, the fireplace is in. I just can't imagine that this project will take another two months. But what do I know about home construction? Tomorrow Brent and I are going to look at flooring and masonry. Also our home teacher is in the granite business and said we could buy a slab really cheap and then he would have Brent come to his shop and help him cut it. (and not charge us) So we are excited about the possibility of having granite, not something we had planned on. So here are the latest pics:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some updated pictures of the house. Things are moving along quickly. The workers are out there in the rain and snow getting things done. The second story is now all framed and they are planning on putting on the roof tresses tommorrow or saturday. The new completion date is now May 15th.

Front of house:

Back of house:

So grown up

Wow, Malia came home from young girls on Tuesday with some pictures they had taken at a previous activity. I look at these pictures and am amazed at how fast she is growing up! Such a beautiful girl!