Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To leave...or not to leave (them in the car)

The other day I saw an commercial for an upcoming Dr. Phil. They were having a woman on who was arrested for leaving her children in the car while she ran in the car. I didn't see the show, but she said (on the commerical) that she was able to see the kids the whole time. So my question to you is, have you ever done this? I'll have to admit I have. I think you just have to use common sense. Would I leave them in the car while I ran into target? No. Would I leave them in the car while I ran into the post office, which has floor to ceiling windows looking right out to my car? Yes. Do I trust my children to stay in the seats and stay buckled. Yes. Would I leave them in the car on a 100 degree day? get the idea. Just wondering if you guys have been rebellious like me and done this.....or am I a horrible parent??

Saturday, September 20, 2008

JACOBS BIRTHDAY...(oh and our anniversary)

Jacob turned 6 last Thursday. I can't tell you how excited he was! Thursday we started our our celebrations by bringing sprinkled doughnuts to his kindergarten class. They were in heaven. Then we went to the video store and he got to pick out a movie to rent. That evening we had pizza and pop and then he opened his gifts from us.
Today he had his first "friends" party. He invited 5 boys and 1 lucky girl over. We played games and had brownies and ice cream topped with all sorts of candy. We opened presents and then finished off the party with a treasure hunt. I think it went well and he had a great time. Jacob has never had a lot of friends...mostly because we haven't done preschool or many sports yet. So he is loving kindergarten and all of his new "friends" that he has made.

This is one of the games we played. See who can wrap the mummy in toilet paper the quickest. I suggest heavy duty tp for this one. Although the kids thought it was great. Jacob is being hugged by Malia in this pic.

This is Jacobs friend Tyler from around the corner and also in his Kinder class. Tyler LOVES claire, and we had to capture this moment because Claire wasn't too sure she wanted to be sitting with Tyler. She had the funniest look on her face.

And on to our anniversary...which is the same day as Jacob's b-day. Brent sent me these beautiful flowers and I also got a 50lb bag of peanut m&m's...okay it just seems like 50lbs, but i'm managing to make a good dent in it. (Dark chocolate m&m's....the best!!)

Tonight my brother and his wife came up to babysit the kids while we went out to eat and went to a movie. We hit up Jack in the box (best cheap burger ever) and then went to see "The dark knight." We enjoyed it, but it was a bit dark...and gruesome. (And the family in front of us had two kids watching it, the youngest looked like he was 6 or 7...but that's a whole different post) Would I watch it again? probably not. But it was nice to spend time together with no kids. So 9 years after marrying my hubby I couldn't be happier. He is the best!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To view our For sale by owner blog...

Small blessings

Has anyone ever had a problem signing onto their blog? When I click on the "sign in" link, nothing happens. I have to go to in order to sign in. I can't find any help on their websites either? Anyone else ever have this happen??

On another note...we showed the house once and we received good feedback, but no offer....
So a funny story. It seems kind of silly, but oh well. A few weeks ago we lost our main tv remote. We could watch tv still, but we couldn't skip past commercials or pause the show. And we had to manually get up and turn the channel (gasp!) We searched high and low for it and after a week assumed that it had accidently been thrown out in the trash. So I called a local dish network guy and he said a new one was $40, but he might have a used showroom remote we could buy for $25. So he said he would call me back and let me know. I waited another 3-4 days and he finally called back and said yes he did have one. Then he said he was actually at home ready to take a "siesta" and that he would call me later that day when he was out. He never called. (This was 4 days ago) So every day after that I would think, "I should head down to the dish network store and pick up that remote" but there always seemed to be something more important to get done. So last night Malia runs into the room yelling "I found the remote!" She found the remote in our shoe bench that I swear to you I've looked in every day for the past two weeks. I've pulled shoes out and thrown shoes in....I have NO idea how I could have missed it. So, it seems silly, but we considered it a blessing that that flakey dish man never called us back, and that we didn't waste $25 on a new one. We were so excited that we took the kids to Baskin Robbins to use some gift certificates we've been saving. I know we are totally lame celebrating the new found remote...but the kids thought it was the best night ever.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

For Sale by Owner

Why are life decisions so hard to make? We are always asking ourselves "are we doing the right thing?" Well, we've decided to put our house on the market. I know, it's a terrible time to sell, I hear that from everyone! Brent would love to be closer to his family, but we have had no luck finding anything in the Spokane area. So we feel like maybe it's time to try and shorten his commute. Right now it takes anywhere from 45min to 1 1/2 hours to get to and from work (each way). We found some new construction in Forest grove that we love, but we have to sell our house first. So keep us in your prayers that we will be able to sell in this slow market. We were told the average time on the market is 6-8 months, we are trying to do it without an we'll see. We feel like Heavenly Father has a plan for us and we are trying our best to figure out what it is? All we can do is try to live right and hope it will all work out for the best.

First day pics

I don't think I can call myself a blogger unless I post "first day of school" pics. This year Malia started second grade and Jacob started Kindergarten. They both LOVE school. On the first day, Jacob was up and dressed with his backpack on, an hour and a half early. My only complaint is that kindergarten is only 9-11:30. By the time I get home (or go run an errand) the next thing I know it's time to pick him up. He's decided to ride the kindergarten bus home and he loves it.
Malia also loves her teacher this year, and to be honest it's nice to have them back in school. Cole is pretty bored without Jacob around to play with. Those two play so well together, with an occasional fight. But they'll shut themselves in their room for hours playing legos. So I guess in that sense it's good that kindergarten is so short. They are both looking forward to a fun year!