Monday, April 27, 2009

Future author?

Our school district is having an "Excellence in Writing" awards night. One child is chose from each grade level at each school Malia's writing was chosen out of all three second grade classes at her school. She will get to attend the awards banquet where she'll be given an award (and a free book... her favorite part). She really does have a talent for writing and we love listening to the fun storylines that she comes up with. Congratulations Malia!

Marathon training

When I first started this marathon training I did a lot of reading, looking for advice and tips. One mans tip was to "not bore your friends and family with your training schedule." I understand where he's coming from, but at the same time this is something i'm doing with my life right now, so i'm going to ignore his advice. I guess if it bores you, don't read it. :) This race training has been such an empowering experience for me. My first "long" run was 5 miles and I told Brent that I didn't think I would be able to make it. Before that, I was only running 1-2 miles max. But I did it, then I did 6, then 7...and on Saturday morning I went out for my 17 mile run. This was by far my best run. I finally started using some "energy gel" packets during my run, they taste absolutely disgusting, but I had so much more energy then previous weeks. It helped my confidence to finally have a long run where I didn't have to stop and walk. It makes me feel like I can really do this. On the downside I got stung by some stinging nettle while making a "pit stop." One of the hazards of long-distance running that you don't hear about. :) That stuff hurts! (on my legs!) I only have two more long runs before our schedule cuts back on distance before the actual race. The group that is running is renting a house on the coast so we are looking forward to a great weekend with friends, food and lots of running! I really didn't think I could EVER run a marathon and it's exciting to think that maybe, just maybe I can.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A night on the town

Last night I received a phone call from a friend. She said, "can you be ready in five minutes and be gone for the rest of the night." Without even running it by Brent I said, "sure." because i'm spontaneous like that. :) Later I realized it was Brent's basketball night, but being the amazing husband he is, he missed it for me. So my friend picked me up a few minutes later and we headed to Portland to see Grease. It was AMAZING! I haven't been to many shows in my lifetime, but I love them and think they are so exciting. The music (of course) was fabulous. How can you not love grease! The actors/actresses had amazing voices. I kept getting goosebumps, that's how great they were. The show featured Taylor Hicks (American Idol winner a few years back) He had a cameo appearance and then after the show performed one of the singles off his new album ( for sale in the lobby....) It made me laugh when he started singing, and it was a really great song by the way, and then halfway through he stops and says..."this song is currently on my new album, blah, blah, blah, you can buy it in the lobby following the show" then he continues on with the second half of his song. I just thought that was funny, and a little tacky. I'm so glad I was available to go, thanks Lori!

Friday, April 17, 2009

just an update

It was a sad day in the Ditto house yesterday. My kitchen-aid died. This is not the
first time we've had problems with it. Only the first time the problem was caused
by us. Brent didn't realize that frozen butter and kitchen-aid's don't mix. $80 later,
he now knows. Yesterday I was making bread and I just had the liquid in the bowl, went
to turn on the mixer and it just froze and made this horrible sound. My hand mixer also
died a couple of weeks ago, so i'm left with nothing but muscle power. I'm hoping Brent
can fix it, but he tried last time and had no luck. My dream is to have a bosch, but have you
seen the price on those things?? crazy.
We are also having neighbor issues. We love most of our neighbors, and are trying to like
others. Mainly one. They have not like us since them moment we moved in. Seems we are
always doing something wrong. Whether it's been scooting over their garbage can a little,
parking in front of their house or the boys riding their bikes in their driveway. This time it was letting our cat wander into their yard. Any advice on how to keep a cat out of someone's yard. That's like trying to keep me away from chocolate, it's nearly impossible. Oh well, it's a good test for me I suppose.
Jacob and Malia have both started softball/t-ball. I feel like i'm getting a taste of what it will be
like trying to juggle kids' schedules. I can't imagine what high school will be like, having all four of them in different places i'm sure. Anyway, they are both enjoying it, but we are hoping for some warmer weather here soon!

Easter time!

Easter this year was pretty low key. The week before Easter I was just feeling like
there is so much that distracts from the real reason we have Easter. I'm sure this came from a conversation I had with one of the kids. Me: "Do you know the reason we celebrate Easter?" Them: (pause) "because of the Easter bunny??" Don't get me wrong, I love Easter egg hunts and doing fun Easter crafts, but I wanted to focus more on Christ and the real reason we have Easter. The kids got small Easter baskets. (Actually Cole's was a halloween bucket, he thought that was pretty cool)and we dyed eggs. On Sunday we went to church, listened to some great speakers and then went to my Mom's to have Easter dinner. It was a nice relaxing Easter. I think I can safely say that the kids are pretty clear on why we have Easter.

So the Friday before Easter I decided I wanted to make the girls matching Easter dresses. NOT RECOMMENDED! I spent most of Saturday working on them. I think I went to bed around 1:30 that night. The next morning they tried them on and Malia's look so bad, from my hurried sewing, that I talked her into wearing something else. I'm hoping I can still fix her's. Here's Claire in her dress.

This is my attempt to get a picture of all of the kids together. I just had to document it... The first one you see Claire lying on the floor throwing a fit, she was going to have no part of this picture.
Second attempt, not one looking at the camera

Third attempt, not sure what Jacob and Cole are doing?

fourth attempt, Cole has had enough

Fifth attempt, after much threatening and some bribing...finally!

Monday, April 13, 2009

To My Wife

I've been thinking about writing a blog like this for awhile. I want my everyone to know how much I love and appreciate my wife. First of all she is my best friend. I was thinking the other day about how we "fell in love", and the thing that stands out in my mind is the day we drove back from the coast together in her parents mini-van full of our friends. I was driving the van and Deena was in the passenger's seat.

On the drive home we had so much fun. I remember singing songs, laughing, and playing the game where you got the car that drove by you going the other way. We took turns getting every other seemed really fun that day!

Even though we had been friends for quite a while, that was the day I first thought to myself, "Deena would make a great wife and mother!" I was right. Almost 10 years later she is still my best friend, and she is a great wife and mother.

I admire Deena for being such a wonderful mother to our kids. As mom's out there know (and dad's too if they're paying any attention) raising children is challenging. I admire Deena's determination to raise our kids the best way she knows how. I love the way Malia, Jacob, Cole and Claire are turning out and give all the credit to Deena.

On those difficult days I just want Deena to know that what she is doing matters more than anything in the world. Thanks for being such a wonderful person. I love you!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Stinky perfume

You know when you pass an old lady at the store and she smells of "grandma" perfume. I've always wondered, "can they not smell themselves!" It's overwhelming sometimes. But this morning as I sprayed a little perfume on myself, I realized that i've been wearing the same perfume for 15 years, ever since I smelled it on my friend Amy Bryant way back then, and I ran to the store to get some. ( 15 years! When did I get so old! )I always figured it was just my signature scent. But Could I become one of those ladies who is wearing the same stinky perfume just because I fell in love with it 40 years ago? Quite possibly. But i'm begging my close family and friends, if i'm one of those ladies in the store in 30 years, please let me know!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Small accomplishments

The last couple of weeks i've just felt kind of "blah." I wasn't feeling too social and didn't have the motivation to get a lot done. I think everyone has those days/weeks. Sometimes I get so tired of the monotony of momhood. Things like, finally catching up on the laundry, only to have massive piles of it a few days later, listening to "watch me mom!" a hundred times a day, watching my kids crush goldfish into the floor of the van, and being the only one who ever cleans out the litter box. I don't want to be a whiner, but honestly every mom has these days right? So I decided I needed to make a list of my "small mom-hood accomplishments" Things that brighten my day:
1. finding that library book that has been missing for weeks and it's second renewal is almost up and I find it just in the nick of time.
2. Making one of those "to die for" meals that makes me look forward to dinner time. I made the cafe rio sweet pork salad (thanks for introducing me to it Annie) and we've had it three nights in a row and I have loved it each time. (it makes a lot!)
3. Malia takes a shower without any complaining
4. The kids get to school on time
5. A phone call from Brent
6. A phone call from anyone for that matter. :)
7. Finding a great bargain at the store. Say 30 boxes of cereal at Albertsons for $20?
8. Taking a shower and getting dressed by 10am
9. When my kids are getting along
10. Having a girls night
11. Exercising
12. Sitting down and reading for any amount of time
13. Homemade chocolate chip cookies
My list could go on and on. I know I just need to remind myself of how blessed I am to have 4 healthy, beautiful children and to be grateful for the small accomplishments in my everyday life, no matter how insignificant they seem.