Monday, April 13, 2009

To My Wife

I've been thinking about writing a blog like this for awhile. I want my everyone to know how much I love and appreciate my wife. First of all she is my best friend. I was thinking the other day about how we "fell in love", and the thing that stands out in my mind is the day we drove back from the coast together in her parents mini-van full of our friends. I was driving the van and Deena was in the passenger's seat.

On the drive home we had so much fun. I remember singing songs, laughing, and playing the game where you got the car that drove by you going the other way. We took turns getting every other seemed really fun that day!

Even though we had been friends for quite a while, that was the day I first thought to myself, "Deena would make a great wife and mother!" I was right. Almost 10 years later she is still my best friend, and she is a great wife and mother.

I admire Deena for being such a wonderful mother to our kids. As mom's out there know (and dad's too if they're paying any attention) raising children is challenging. I admire Deena's determination to raise our kids the best way she knows how. I love the way Malia, Jacob, Cole and Claire are turning out and give all the credit to Deena.

On those difficult days I just want Deena to know that what she is doing matters more than anything in the world. Thanks for being such a wonderful person. I love you!



Ditto Family said...

What a sweet and very true tribute!! Brent, you married a good one! Some days it seems like motherhood is all about enduring to the end.

Love you guys --sara

Julia said...

I concur--Deena is FABULOUS. Brent, on your next ABH, while Logan is explaining to you how to leave chocolate on your wife's pillow, will you explain to him how to write a loving tribute on his wife's blog? Thanks!

family member said...

Thanks for being a wonderful father, to our grandchildren and husband to our daughter.
Mom and Dad Robbins
Dean and Roz

Dawn said...

That was really sweet Brent. I agree -you got yourself a good catch. What I admire about Deena is she always seems so calm and patient! You have a beautiful family and we love being with you guys.

Ditto Family said...

Nicely written, Brent. Deena is a wonderful person, and you two make a great team.