Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer fun

Who needs a swimming pool when you have a cooler??

Cole Turns 6!

Cole turned six last week, we celebrated his birthday in Spokane. It was great having all of his cousins around. We started out the day with his birthday breakfast request of sausage and pancakes. For lunch we headed to chuck-e-cheese, skipped the pizza and just played games. I've finally learned that's all the kids want anyways. Instead of a cake Cole requested Doughnuts. We had a small barbeque that night and opened presents. His only request "legos". Cole is my quiet mellow boy. I'd describe him as a lover not a fighter. :) And although he's quiet he's my most mischievous. For example, last month I asked him to empty the dishwasher. I was in the other room and heard some strange, i'm not unloading the dishwasher sounds. It was Cole taking a large kitchen knife to one of my kitchen drawers. He was making little notches in the wood. Curious or just trying to get out of EVER doing the dishes again? Probably a little of both. Cole's really loves to build things. Someday he'll be Brent's best helper in the garage...doing whatever guys do in the garage. Can't wait for that day.