Monday, October 10, 2011


finished, finito, terminado, i am DONE with my rock path. Who's idea was that anyway. Here's the story. When we started landscaping our new home, we were a little overwhelmed with the amount of rocks in the dirt. Everytime we took a rake to the ground to smooth it out, more rocks would pop up. I was missing my nice fertile Oregon soil. But instead of moping we decided to take our lemons and make lemonaid, or rather take our rocks and make a path. I think it was Brent's idea to take the rocks and make a pathway, figures since it was ME and completely me that hand laid each rock on this path. And although it's far from perfect, I have to say that I am pretty proud of it. And I have to say that this picture makes it look much, much smaller than it really is.........

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

AGW-all girls weekend

After several years of Brent and his brother's getting together for ABH and leaving the girls at home to fend with the kids. We finally decided that we deserve a weekend too. So this year was our 3rd annual AGW. I hosted it at my house. We were all there except for Tavia, who hopefully will join us next year. The goal of AGW is to relax and eat and do everything girly, relax some more and eat some more. I think we accomplished that. We started off our weekend with massages at a day spa, followed by some shopping. That evening we went to an italian villa (seriously) where we had one of the best, most elaborate cooking classes by one of Annie's friends. Sharon used to live in Italy and she spoiled us with food and more food! We ate so much we nearly split our pants. We learned how to make quite a few new dishes and had a great time.
Saturday, we spent the morning making crafts and eating of course. We made these cute felt flowers that can be pinned onto a dress or put on a headband. I made a big mustard colored one, because i am obsessed with all things mustard lately.Saturday afternoon we went to check out the town of coeur d'alene. It was a warm Saturday and the town was hoppin' We stopped for frozen yogurt, and found the perfect gift for our new italian hostess Sharon. We walked to the waterfront and people watched for awhile. Along the way we stopped for some photo ops.
Trying to look sexy, blayre seems to be the only one who has this down.
Then we tried to recreate this shot....
Not sure if I like this one...
or this one..I think i'll leave the cool jumping stunts to Brent.
Proof that Mom was there, she tried to slip behind the camera many times. This time we made her stop and smell the flowers.
We spent Saturday afternoon at church attending women's conference. Yes, we are totally righteous like that. We left uplifted by Pres. Uchtdorf's talk, which by the way I just found out I have to speak on in sacrament meeting next week. Good thing the talk was AMA-zing. My arms look humongous in this pic. ugh
After conference we went to the resort restaurant in coeur d'alene and had a smooshy, squishy..ah a GOOEY. They are famous for these and now I see why. One of the first times in my life that I couldn't finish my dessert. AND i was sharing. I can't tell you how much I love these girls. We had a great weekend, laughing, relaxing and eating. Here's to another great AGW

First day of school

The kids were in a new school again this year. Three different schools in three years. Basically Cole has gone to a new school every single year of his school career. The kids were pretty nervous this year. The school they are going too is pretty scary looking from the outside. It's old and the grounds aren't too impressive, but we kept hearing good things about the teachers and staff.
Malia started fifth grade. I swear she's 10 going on 20. She got the teacher she wanted and made friends quickly. She is enjoying school and especially wednesdays when they have a zumba instructor come and teach them all sorts of crazy dance moves. She is also in "starburst" or talented and gifted. So one day a week she is pulled from her class to go to starburst. They get to do some pretty fun stuff and she is in it with a few close friends, so she is enjoying that.
Jacob is enjoying school as well. He is into playing 4 square at recess. He is such a good boy and his teacher already loves him.
Cole seems to be enjoying school as well. The first day of school he came home and wouldn't talk to anyone or eat his dinner. He was GRUMPY. I was sure that he was being bullied at school or something. :) Turns out he was just adjusting to being on a schedule again and he was fine the next day. He is my boy who is content to eat and play alone at recess. Although this makes my mommy heart sad...he doesn't seem to care. He is just happy doing whatever he's doing
Claire has one more year with mommy. I love spending time with her. I am dong a co-op preschool with some ladies from church. So claire goes twice a week to that. She loves her "school" and looks forward to mondays and wednesdays. She loves to help me clean the house, watch movies and play with skipper.

catching up-Cavanaugh 2011

It's become a Ditto family tradition to head to Lake Cavanaugh in Northern Washington every summer. For the past few years we haven't made the trip, but this year we did, and we were so glad we did. My sister-in-law's family owns a cabin on the lake that they so graciously let us use. The lake and surrounding area are beautiful and the kids have a great time playing with their cousins. One of their favorite things (and the dad's favorite things) is to jump off the dock, showing off their favorite new pose or seeing who can catch a football while doing a triple sumersault reverse dive. Cole loved jumping off the dock!
Jacob....not so much. We couldn't get this guy to do much. He is definately our cautious boy. This picture is Brent and I trying everything in our power, ie. bribes of candy and money, to get him to jump off the dock just once. We thought if he tried it once then he would realize that it's not that scary. By the end of this conversation, Jacob was crying and Brent wanted to push him off the dock. Luckily he had me around to convince him that that wasn't the best parenting method for trying to get your child to do something. In fact they say that about bribery, but whatever...
Maybe he'll jump next year :)

The boys had a new toy to try out this year. There was a catamaran that they were all anxious to try. They had a quick lesson by a neighbor and then they were off. Brent took me out once and it would have been totally relaxing if I hadn't seen once of these completely tip over the day before. (But Brent convinced me that those people didn't know what they were doing.) I did learn that they can be a fun, relaxing ride...unless you run out of wind. Then you sit in the middle of the lake and pray for more wind. Luckily our prayers were answered.
Of course it's not Lake Cavanaugh without lots, and lots and lots of skiing
Malia spent a lot of time with the kids in the paddle boat. She was their guide.

Claire had a great time playing with cousins and even was brave enough to hop on the jet ski with mom and dad. Luckily Daddy didn't dump her like he does me...
And we can't forget that on this trip, these two became engaged. Yep, Brent's youngest brother Andrew proposed to his now fiancee Erin on a paddle boat ride to the middle of the lake. We tried to convince him to take the catamaran, but when there's no wind...the paddle boat it is. And when you are in love it doesn't matter. We are so happy for them and their upcoming wedding!