Tuesday, October 4, 2011

catching up-Cavanaugh 2011

It's become a Ditto family tradition to head to Lake Cavanaugh in Northern Washington every summer. For the past few years we haven't made the trip, but this year we did, and we were so glad we did. My sister-in-law's family owns a cabin on the lake that they so graciously let us use. The lake and surrounding area are beautiful and the kids have a great time playing with their cousins. One of their favorite things (and the dad's favorite things) is to jump off the dock, showing off their favorite new pose or seeing who can catch a football while doing a triple sumersault reverse dive. Cole loved jumping off the dock!
Jacob....not so much. We couldn't get this guy to do much. He is definately our cautious boy. This picture is Brent and I trying everything in our power, ie. bribes of candy and money, to get him to jump off the dock just once. We thought if he tried it once then he would realize that it's not that scary. By the end of this conversation, Jacob was crying and Brent wanted to push him off the dock. Luckily he had me around to convince him that that wasn't the best parenting method for trying to get your child to do something. In fact they say that about bribery, but whatever...
Maybe he'll jump next year :)

The boys had a new toy to try out this year. There was a catamaran that they were all anxious to try. They had a quick lesson by a neighbor and then they were off. Brent took me out once and it would have been totally relaxing if I hadn't seen once of these completely tip over the day before. (But Brent convinced me that those people didn't know what they were doing.) I did learn that they can be a fun, relaxing ride...unless you run out of wind. Then you sit in the middle of the lake and pray for more wind. Luckily our prayers were answered.
Of course it's not Lake Cavanaugh without lots, and lots and lots of skiing
Malia spent a lot of time with the kids in the paddle boat. She was their guide.

Claire had a great time playing with cousins and even was brave enough to hop on the jet ski with mom and dad. Luckily Daddy didn't dump her like he does me...
And we can't forget that on this trip, these two became engaged. Yep, Brent's youngest brother Andrew proposed to his now fiancee Erin on a paddle boat ride to the middle of the lake. We tried to convince him to take the catamaran, but when there's no wind...the paddle boat it is. And when you are in love it doesn't matter. We are so happy for them and their upcoming wedding!

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