Monday, September 26, 2011

ABH - Ross Lake!

Every year my bros and I get together to spend a few days together roughing it in the wilderness. Normally we go on a 3 day hike somewhere, but this year we decided to do something a bit different. We spent 3 days canoeing in the beautiful Ross and Diablo Lakes area in northern Washington.

On our first day we had to travel about 14 miles. Since we did not get off until about 10 or 11am that first day I was wondering if we would make it to our desitination before dark (the park ranger had her doubts). We were pleseantly suprised to find that we could travel pretty easily at about 3.5 mph...even faster than we can hike. So we made it to Cat Island in plenty of time to set up camp.

The second day we went on a hike up to one of the mountain peaks in the area. We had a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and Canada. We also met a guy at the top of the peak who lives up there 10 days at a time to watch for fires. I think he was very glad to have some company. Later that day we found a sweet 45 foot cliff to jump off. When we were at the top looking down it looked like a 100 foot jump! Luckily none of us sustained any permanent damange from the plunge.

The scenery was beautiful and the company was great. I always enjoy haning out with my bros. Besides the mosquitoes it was practically the perfect guys weekend.


Ditto Family said...

Great run down! Maybe now I can write ours with your information.

Ditto Family said...

awesome post. I could re-live that weekend a hundred times!