Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer fun

Summer is flying by, I can't believe it's almost August. We've been keeping busy. I'm horrible about remembering to take pictures, but here's a few i've gotten. We went to the beach a few weeks ago with some people from church. It was overcast, but not windy, that's all you can ask for at the Oregon coast.
At the beach we were at there is a huge sand dune that people like to climb up and then run down. It's pretty step (and high). I had to capture Malia doing what she does best, being dramatic. She literally crawled up the hill because it was "too hard" (insert really whiney voice) to walk. Of course she was thrilled once she reached the top. I love this picture. The kids chilling on the trampoline with their cousins. Malia was so sad for these guys to head back to California.

For the 4th of July we had a barbeque and had some friends over. It was a great night. The weather was perfect and we had great food. I had to get a picture of our friend Marty using his blowtorch to light the kids' fireworks. (So Marty-like)

Luckily our friends brought a few exciting fireworks (aka: illegal) so we had a little more variety to our fireworks display.

The rest of our summer has been filled with swimming lessons, tennis lessons, bike rides, and trips to the park. Nothing too exciting. We are looking forward to a fun family reunion in Washington in August. The kids and I are staying an extra week while Brent will return to work.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We just returned from our annual trip to Sunriver. I think it was one of our best trips. The weather was perfect! The week flew by and I was left wishing we could stay just a few more days.
While we where their we celebrated Coles 5th birthday. What could be better than spending your birthday surrounded by family...and having a bakugan cake. This is my attempt at a bakugan cake, Cole loved it.

Cole got a new remote control monster truck, it's super fast. So fast that Cole can't really control it, so Brent has to drive it...hhmmm???..was that present really for Cole??

Cole is my mellow boy. Rarely does he have temper tantrums. He's completely happy playing playing by himself. He loves cars and legos. He is so affectionate and is always the first to give me hugs and kisses if he see's that i'm sad. I love that about him. He's also our daredevil and bets are on the table that he will be the first kid in the family with a broken bone. He also loves cheese. I know that's a random fact, but I say that because for his birthday he asked for a block of cheese. There were MANY things on his list and the block of cheese didn't make it to the gift table. A few days after his party he said sadly, "mommy you didn't get me my cheese." So sad, maybe for Christmas.
Back to our trip:
We spent time at the park playing baseball
Going for bike rides
swimming...lots of swimming!
Claire is our water baby and threw a fit everytime we told her it was time
to leave the pool. And wow, can she throw a tantrum!
Family hike to Benham falls. Malia was unseperable from her cousins. I think I saw her once or twice this whole trip.

It was a fabulous trip, already looking forward to next year!

tball and softball

Well we made it through softball season. This is the first time that i've had two kids in a sport at a time, i've always had a "one at a time" rule. I have a whole new respect for my mom, who had 6 kids involved in multiple different sports. And i'm just beginning. This was Malia's first year playing. I was impressed with how much she improved. She didn't have a super passionate coach (saying that nicely) but I think she had fun anyway. Jacob loved tball, it was fun to see how much better he was this year compared to last. You could tell he was one of the older kids. He loves everything about baseball and had a great year. Next year I may have 3 playing, Yikes!