Monday, June 14, 2010

Spring in (quick) review

Malia played on a 10 and under softball team this year. They were a very young, inexperienced team. Which meant quite a few losses. But, she had an amazing coach who made each game fun and she learned a lot. She even had her first slide into home plate. (even though I had to bribe her with $5) She did it! It was one of the wettest springs in Oregon history so we had quite a few games cancelled. But with each game they had, they improved.

Jacob on his 2nd to last day of school. Camping out in the front of the school and wearing pajamas.
Cole on his last day of Kindergarten. The teachers sprayed shaving cream on the tables for the kids to play with. On to bigger and better things in ALL DAY 1st grade next year!

Giving one of his teachers (mrs. Morrow) a final hug.

Cole's field trip to enchanted Forest. It POURED! But the kids didn't seem to mind..I on the other hand was counting down the minutes to when it was over. :)
Claire playing with her dollhouse, she has quite the imagination and set up this little house on her own. She keeps us laughing!

So for those of you wondering. No, we still have not sold our house. We will be heading to Spokane and staying there with Brent's mom until our house sells. Please keep praying for this to happen quickly. Luckily we have a "house sitter" to stay here and to make sure everything is taken care of....on to the next adventure in our lives.