Monday, February 23, 2009

Call me crazy

Call me crazy, but i've signed up for a marathon. Okay, you can stop laughing now.

Some friends of mine talked me into it. I spent a couple of weeks deliberating. Going back and forth between "there's NO way" and "maybe it's possible?" I figure the worst that could happen is I have to walk. (Although, as I was looking for a picture for this post I came across an article of a young man that died after crossing the marathon finishing line. But there were some water issues, heat issues...i'll try to just pretend I didn't see that article.) So we've been training for a few weeks. So far i'm up to running 15/16 miles a week. In a few months it will be up to 35 a week. I do my weekly runs on my own, and then we run together on the weekends. I'm slower than molasses, and I feel a bit like the hippo from Madagascar when I run, but I get it done. It's been do-able so far but I have to admit i'm SCARED for what's to come. I still don't understand why people would WANT to run marathons regularly, but I'm looking forward (kind of)to the challenge and just being able to say i've done it! Wish me luck....i'll need it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Cruise

We just returned from our cruise to cabo. We had been planning this trip for so long, it's hard
to believe that it's over. We went with most of Brent's siblings and his mom. We had a great time. The weather could have been better, but we had fun despite that. This is a picture from the top of the boat.

Our first night on the boat we did a little karoake. We had a blast. We'll never let mom forget her rendition of "funkytown."
In this picture the words weren't working to Shania Twains "any man of mine." The lady spent the whole time trying to get the words to show up, but I have to say we did pretty well without them.
We spent some time on the boat doing this...soaking in whatever sun we could find.
This is a picture of us leaving Cabo. We had a great day in Cabo. The weather was perfect! We started the morning shopping at the flea markets. After lunch we split up and half of us went to lover's beach to go snorkeling, the other half went to another beach to go parasailing. I went with the parasailing group. I had been parasailing before, so I was happy to find a lounge chair and relax. Brent LOVED parasailing! We swam a bit in the ocean, played frisbee and just enjoyed the great weather.

The boys had a great time playing ping pong. We also spent our time on the boat playing basketball, eating, mini golf (very windy though), eating, going to vegas style shows, eating, playing cards, and eating. I have to say my favorite thing was playing cards with everyone. I also splurged on a way overpriced spa treatment. It was heavenly! One night our "show" was a hypnotist. So Blayre, Logan and myself all went up to give it a try. We were all unsuccessful. Although Logan tried to fake it longer than Blayre and I. We were the only two, out of 10 people to return to our seats. We had a great time laughing at Logan though. (They didn't allow us to take pictures of the shows.)
This was Brents favorite thing we did the whole trip. In ensenda we rented ATV's. They let you ride on the roads with them their. It was pretty funny to see a caravan of 5 ATV's zooming down the road. We found some cool sand dunes at the beach and the boys were in heaven.
This is a restaurant that was recommended by a local. It was a bit of an adventure trying to find it, but it was well worth the wait. The service and food were great.
The boys dropped Julia, Mom and I off at the boat, Annie and Sara went shopping and the boys and blayre took off on the ATV's. Brent somehow wound up on the highway (no one else was crazy enough to follow.:) But he turned around quickly and they found their way up to the top of a hill where they had a great view of Ensenada.
This is our waiter Santama and his wife. They served us our meal every night. They were from Indonesia (i hope i got that right) and had an 18 month old at home, while they worked on the ship for months at a time. They were so nice and our meal together every night was something I looked forward to. Not necessarily the food, but the company.
I just noticed that I had the same sweatshirt on in every single picture. I didn't even bring a coat, thinking it would be hot, so I ended up wearing the same thing most of the trip.

I found myself a little sick the last day or two of the trip. I wore a seasickness patch, but it didn't do much. That was the only downside to the trip. Overall it was so fun, we made so many fun memories and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Thanks everyone!

I have to give a HUGE thanks to my sister Deyce for coming to watch the kids. She went from one to five and i'm sure that wasn't easy. We are SO grateful and owe her big time! Thanks Deyce

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cute Cole

One of my favorite Christmas gifts was a book that Brent had made that contained
all of our blog posts. It made me look at blogging differently. I need to think of it more as a journal. Anyway, I thought I would write something that Cole said today that I thought was funny. I had sent him up to his room to pick up "20 things"
He cleans better if he knows how many things to pick up. So after he came down I looked at him and said, "so, did you pick up 20 things?" He looked at me seriously and said, "I picked up 1, 2 skip a few 100." I'm sure that really meant he picked up 2 things, but I thought it was so darn cute.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Every Sunday we have a special treat. Really it's just our way of bribing our kids into being good during church. If a child is given three warnings then they lose their treat. We try to make it something really yummy so they'll not want to lose it. Today I told Brent he was in charge of the dessert. Sometimes a girl just needs a break, ya know? So he decided to make apple pie. He was very precise in all of his measurements and slicing. He didn't toss it all together like I usually do. Anyway, it was THE BEST apple pie ever. Here's the conversation we had:
Brent: This pie is sooo good!
me: I know, it's better than mine.
Brent: I should blog about this pie!
me: YOU should blog about your pie.
Brent: No, that would be bragging and I don't want to brag...

So there you have it, it's been requested that I do the bragging, so I will. Let it be know that Brent makes the best apple pie ever and I hereby defer all pie baking to him!