Saturday, February 26, 2011

Searching for some sun.

We've had a cold week here. I was hoping the snow was over, but we had a good snowstorm and single digit temperatures. I'm still not sure why people love this weather, I feel chilled to the bone most of the time and I can't wait to soak up some sun. There was one day this week where it was around 20 degrees, but the sun was shining through the window. I actually found myself laying on the wood floor in a little strip of sun...trying to soak it in. Wasn't to effective.
Well, this week the main story of our home was put up. The walls are framed in and they are getting ready to start the third floor. We walked through the home before the walls were put up and it looked so small. I'm hoping this is just a building optical illusion! It's the same size as our last home (bigger once basement is finished) so it should be fine right?
Had to post this picture of claire dressed up as a nurse. Her hat was so tight her little eyebrows looked furrowed the whole time she was wearing it.

Lastly I tried two new recipes recently that I loved...check out for the recipes! (cinnamon roasted almonds and truffle cupcakes! Yum!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1st lost tooth.

Cole lost his first tooth last night! It was literally hanging by a thread but he hasn't let me touch it. I finally forced him to let me look at it, and it popped right out. He was so excited. Having an older brother and sister, he doesn't believe in the tooth fairy anymore, but she made a visit anyway! Check out those dimples!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's day!

First off, let me apologize for the randomness of the post. It's a little bit of everything. Second...Happy Valentine's Day! I love valentines day. The kids were up early this morning excited for their class parties, I made them a valentines breakfast and their valentines day presents were these jelly beans. They all get to share. :) (In the cute jars my sis. gave me, thanks Kelly!)

We are anti-spongebob and barbie valentines around here. :) Every year I say that I will never make homemade valentines again, but every year we do it again. This year they all wanted something different. But with the help of Dad, we were able to make them in a night. Jacob's is a cell phone, he taped a piece of gum on the back for an antennae, Cole's is a playing card guy holding a sucker and Malia made butterfly's. And No, Cole is not entirely naked, he just refuses to wear pajamas.

I had to snap a picture of Claire helping Grannie cook. Grannie is so patient as Claire always insists on helping and talks non-stop the whole time. Claire had no idea her face was covered in flour, but proceeded to give us her diva pose.

Saturday we went to look at the house progress. They are starting to frame! We walked around the property and relished the fact that before too long it will be ours!!

Below is a picture of the colors we are considering. Hopefully these folks don't mind me posting their house on the internet.

Monday, February 7, 2011

My weekend project

I've been itching to do/make something lately. So I found this little desk on craigslist for $5. It was a pretty quick project, I just sanded it down and then painted it red and replaced the knob on front ( I had already taken the old one off in pic) Not bad for a days work. :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

vintage inspired stairs

A friend showed me this great blog that is right up my alley. I fell in love with these "crate stairs" and really want to do this to the stairs leading down to our new basement. Brent thinks i am
cu-razy! I can just imagine these stairs leading to a cool, vintage inspired game room. Let me know what you think? (hopefully this link works!)

Update: I should add that Brent was NOT for the stairs, therefore the compromise is that I can do it and leave it there until we finish the basement. At that point he can cover it up with his lame-o carpet. And that folks, is how compromise works!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fondue'in it up

Even though we live near a lot of family, we still don't see them a lot. So we made up an excuse to get together by having a fondue party. My sister in laws brought a cheese fondue, chocolate fondue and white chocolate fondue and I made a crab fondue. It was soooo good. I swear I could have eaten that whole pot of crab fondue by myself. It was a good excuse to get together and we stuffed ourselves! Logan was especially excited to eat!

And it wouldn't be a blog post without an updated picture of the house. The foundation has been poured and the basement walls have been poured as well. It's been really cold the last few days, but luckily hasn't snowed. Brent drives out to the house during his lunch break and sends me pics of the house from his phone. After years of commuting an hour each way, we are looking forward to living 7 minutes from work! This view is from the back of the house.