Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fondue'in it up

Even though we live near a lot of family, we still don't see them a lot. So we made up an excuse to get together by having a fondue party. My sister in laws brought a cheese fondue, chocolate fondue and white chocolate fondue and I made a crab fondue. It was soooo good. I swear I could have eaten that whole pot of crab fondue by myself. It was a good excuse to get together and we stuffed ourselves! Logan was especially excited to eat!

And it wouldn't be a blog post without an updated picture of the house. The foundation has been poured and the basement walls have been poured as well. It's been really cold the last few days, but luckily hasn't snowed. Brent drives out to the house during his lunch break and sends me pics of the house from his phone. After years of commuting an hour each way, we are looking forward to living 7 minutes from work! This view is from the back of the house.


Ditto Family said...

How fun! For Enrichment this month we are having a fondue dinner. I would love your crab fondue recipe. Do you share?

Julia said...

Ah, the happy memories (except the Jane-throwing-up part). Your house is looking great!