Friday, February 4, 2011

vintage inspired stairs

A friend showed me this great blog that is right up my alley. I fell in love with these "crate stairs" and really want to do this to the stairs leading down to our new basement. Brent thinks i am
cu-razy! I can just imagine these stairs leading to a cool, vintage inspired game room. Let me know what you think? (hopefully this link works!)

Update: I should add that Brent was NOT for the stairs, therefore the compromise is that I can do it and leave it there until we finish the basement. At that point he can cover it up with his lame-o carpet. And that folks, is how compromise works!


Alison said...

Very cool!

Ditto Family said...

Hum...they do look cool but it is a pretty bold move. So no carpet going to the basement? Guess that would save the hassle of vacuuming stairs. I can't wait to see all your ideas.

Julia said...

I love the look of the stairs. The only concern I would have is splinters--the wood looks like it needs to be pretty rough to pull off the "crate" look. But if anyone could make it work, it would be you! I say you tell Brent that he's in charge of figuring out surround sound, wiring for computer stuff, blah blah blah, and YOU get to be totally in charge of decor. Fair trade, right????

family member said...

I love "vintage" as you know but I'm not sure I'm a fan of the stairs....I might have to side with Brent on this one. Sorry sis. My ten cents on the stair though I would not carpet them :)

Dawn said...

I think it looks really cool. How fun to be planning all of these things !

emily a. said...

I think the stairs are awesome- especially if you chose words or designs meaningful to you and your family. I say go for it- you can always change it years later if you want.

Also, I LOVE the table you re-did.