Monday, November 14, 2011


How is it November already? This time of year always seems to fly by. For Halloween this year we headed up to Logan and Julia's house. Since we have three neighbors, we figured that trick or treating might be better somewhere else. Logan and Julia have the perfect trick-or-treating neighborhood. We had some halloweenie type finger foods then headed out to hit the neighborhood. We all split up and I took a few of the younger girls. We around 1 block before Claire decided that she had enough candy and didn't want to stop at anymore houses. She was the first one back...the boys came home when there load became too heavy to carry. We have A L O T of candy. Malia dressed up as a baby, Claire was a witch, Jacob was a zombie and Cole was a wizard. Of course, we took no pictures so I snagged this one from my sis-in-law...

October was busy, and I can't even really say with what...scouts, young girls, Relief society, spinning class, basketball, house projects, etc. The kids are enjoying school. Malia recently started piano lessons and I also signed her and Jacob up for basketball. We've all been healthy and are happy! Can't wait for Thanksgiving, and to head to Oregon for a few days!