Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We just returned from our annual trip to Sunriver. I think it was one of our best trips. The weather was perfect! The week flew by and I was left wishing we could stay just a few more days.
While we where their we celebrated Coles 5th birthday. What could be better than spending your birthday surrounded by family...and having a bakugan cake. This is my attempt at a bakugan cake, Cole loved it.

Cole got a new remote control monster truck, it's super fast. So fast that Cole can't really control it, so Brent has to drive it...hhmmm???..was that present really for Cole??

Cole is my mellow boy. Rarely does he have temper tantrums. He's completely happy playing playing by himself. He loves cars and legos. He is so affectionate and is always the first to give me hugs and kisses if he see's that i'm sad. I love that about him. He's also our daredevil and bets are on the table that he will be the first kid in the family with a broken bone. He also loves cheese. I know that's a random fact, but I say that because for his birthday he asked for a block of cheese. There were MANY things on his list and the block of cheese didn't make it to the gift table. A few days after his party he said sadly, "mommy you didn't get me my cheese." So sad, maybe for Christmas.
Back to our trip:
We spent time at the park playing baseball
Going for bike rides
swimming...lots of swimming!
Claire is our water baby and threw a fit everytime we told her it was time
to leave the pool. And wow, can she throw a tantrum!
Family hike to Benham falls. Malia was unseperable from her cousins. I think I saw her once or twice this whole trip.

It was a fabulous trip, already looking forward to next year!


Ditto Family said...

That does sound like a great week! How fun that Malia was in cousin heaven! We're looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks!

By the way, you look great in that picture with your trendy glasses and straight hair.

Anonymous said...

A block of cheese!!! I love it!

Annie Ditto said...

Looks so fun!! Can't wait to see you guys at Cavanaugh!!

Alison said...

What a fun tradition.
I wish we were there instead of taking care of the cats and alarm system :-)

Ditto Family said...

Is Brent wearing his purple goggles?



Julia said...

Just tell Cole to start saving now for his own block of cheese. Nothing in this world comes easy, kid.

Julia said...

Just tell Cole to start saving now for his own block of cheese. Nothing in this world comes easy, kid.