Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First day of school

The kids were in a new school again this year. Three different schools in three years. Basically Cole has gone to a new school every single year of his school career. The kids were pretty nervous this year. The school they are going too is pretty scary looking from the outside. It's old and the grounds aren't too impressive, but we kept hearing good things about the teachers and staff.
Malia started fifth grade. I swear she's 10 going on 20. She got the teacher she wanted and made friends quickly. She is enjoying school and especially wednesdays when they have a zumba instructor come and teach them all sorts of crazy dance moves. She is also in "starburst" or talented and gifted. So one day a week she is pulled from her class to go to starburst. They get to do some pretty fun stuff and she is in it with a few close friends, so she is enjoying that.
Jacob is enjoying school as well. He is into playing 4 square at recess. He is such a good boy and his teacher already loves him.
Cole seems to be enjoying school as well. The first day of school he came home and wouldn't talk to anyone or eat his dinner. He was GRUMPY. I was sure that he was being bullied at school or something. :) Turns out he was just adjusting to being on a schedule again and he was fine the next day. He is my boy who is content to eat and play alone at recess. Although this makes my mommy heart sad...he doesn't seem to care. He is just happy doing whatever he's doing
Claire has one more year with mommy. I love spending time with her. I am dong a co-op preschool with some ladies from church. So claire goes twice a week to that. She loves her "school" and looks forward to mondays and wednesdays. She loves to help me clean the house, watch movies and play with skipper.

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Such well adjusted kids!