Friday, April 17, 2009

just an update

It was a sad day in the Ditto house yesterday. My kitchen-aid died. This is not the
first time we've had problems with it. Only the first time the problem was caused
by us. Brent didn't realize that frozen butter and kitchen-aid's don't mix. $80 later,
he now knows. Yesterday I was making bread and I just had the liquid in the bowl, went
to turn on the mixer and it just froze and made this horrible sound. My hand mixer also
died a couple of weeks ago, so i'm left with nothing but muscle power. I'm hoping Brent
can fix it, but he tried last time and had no luck. My dream is to have a bosch, but have you
seen the price on those things?? crazy.
We are also having neighbor issues. We love most of our neighbors, and are trying to like
others. Mainly one. They have not like us since them moment we moved in. Seems we are
always doing something wrong. Whether it's been scooting over their garbage can a little,
parking in front of their house or the boys riding their bikes in their driveway. This time it was letting our cat wander into their yard. Any advice on how to keep a cat out of someone's yard. That's like trying to keep me away from chocolate, it's nearly impossible. Oh well, it's a good test for me I suppose.
Jacob and Malia have both started softball/t-ball. I feel like i'm getting a taste of what it will be
like trying to juggle kids' schedules. I can't imagine what high school will be like, having all four of them in different places i'm sure. Anyway, they are both enjoying it, but we are hoping for some warmer weather here soon!


Deyce and Garrick said...

Sorry to hear about your mixer. I would recommend a Bosch, but yes, they are expensive (but a lifetime investment). Actually, you can really get by with just a hand mixer on most things. I wanted to let you know that we'll be up there the evening of APril 30 until May 4. Hopefully we can get together during that time. : )

Amanda said...

I have had my kitchen aid 10 years and never had a problem! I thought they had a good warrenty anyway... I think I would die with out mine! Good luck! I feel the same way about Easter... We have the Easter Bunny come friday night when we have early church so that Easter can be only about Jesus Christ and Saturday can be the "stuff" After this year though we may do it like that every year!

Ditto Family said...

Maybe a sad plea just in time for Mother's Day???

I'm afraid that we would have been your bad neighbors griping about your cat coming over to our yard. I HATED our neighbors 23 cats (and I'm not exaggerating)they pooped all over our garden and flower beds. Drove us nuts!! We complained to the city after the neighbors did nothing.

I've heard that if you spray the perimeter of your yard in ammonia it will keep them out of your yard...but I think you have to do it each day AND I'm not sure it works to keep them IN your yard.

Dawn said...

It's hard to imagine anyone having a hard time with you guys - I can't think of better neighbors! I'm not sure the answer to the cat problem - we do get cat poop in our yard once in a while, but I just figure that's life! And it doesn't alter my opinion of my neighbors. Do your neighbors have children?