Thursday, April 9, 2009

Small accomplishments

The last couple of weeks i've just felt kind of "blah." I wasn't feeling too social and didn't have the motivation to get a lot done. I think everyone has those days/weeks. Sometimes I get so tired of the monotony of momhood. Things like, finally catching up on the laundry, only to have massive piles of it a few days later, listening to "watch me mom!" a hundred times a day, watching my kids crush goldfish into the floor of the van, and being the only one who ever cleans out the litter box. I don't want to be a whiner, but honestly every mom has these days right? So I decided I needed to make a list of my "small mom-hood accomplishments" Things that brighten my day:
1. finding that library book that has been missing for weeks and it's second renewal is almost up and I find it just in the nick of time.
2. Making one of those "to die for" meals that makes me look forward to dinner time. I made the cafe rio sweet pork salad (thanks for introducing me to it Annie) and we've had it three nights in a row and I have loved it each time. (it makes a lot!)
3. Malia takes a shower without any complaining
4. The kids get to school on time
5. A phone call from Brent
6. A phone call from anyone for that matter. :)
7. Finding a great bargain at the store. Say 30 boxes of cereal at Albertsons for $20?
8. Taking a shower and getting dressed by 10am
9. When my kids are getting along
10. Having a girls night
11. Exercising
12. Sitting down and reading for any amount of time
13. Homemade chocolate chip cookies
My list could go on and on. I know I just need to remind myself of how blessed I am to have 4 healthy, beautiful children and to be grateful for the small accomplishments in my everyday life, no matter how insignificant they seem.


family member said...

How about sharing the Cafe Rio recipe???

I think we all have to look at the good things when we get a little down or bored. It's called "Count Your Blessings" Thanks for sharing. I love you,

Annie Ditto said...

I have had Cafe Rio three nights in a row too!! So yummy! Way to go with the cereal deal! I only got 12 boxes for $10, so you did way better than I did :) HOw long is your run tomorrow? Good Luck!!

EdgyK said...

Scott was so impressed with your cereal deal. We have 3 boxes half eaten. I won't buy new until the ones I have are gone but it's always the last few that aren't their favorites.

I can relate to your dilemna and counting your blessings is awesome. One week while the kids were sick I didn't go anywhere except to drive the kids to school. I think I went out once to run an errand. By the end of the week I told Scott that I had no personality left. I thought I was going to be absorbed by the house. I actually love being home but I also need to know there is life out there. Thanks for sharing.

Julia said...

After spending the entire day doing laundry, I broke into tears last night when I discovered that George had peed on ONE MORE THING--the bathroom mat. Seriously, it never ends! Thanks for your blast of optimism.