Saturday, March 28, 2009


It looks like the sick bug that we've managed to avoid has finally hit. We took Cole to the doctor
today and he has bronchitis. Jacob and Malia have coughs, I have some sort of mild flu bug (luckily no throwing up) just chills and aches. Claire's rash seems to be going away finally. The doctor didn't think it was from the cat. He said she would have it on other places besides her face if she was allergic to the cat. So we have no idea why she broke out in the rash...but luckily it's going away.
So it looks like we'll get to keep the cat. What's funny is that we named her Ruby...Claire pronounces it "poopy." So the other kids get a good laugh from that. Other than was a pretty slow week. Lots of rain and lots of indoor activities. Hopefully there will be more to report later.


Julia said...

I'm glad it's not the cat. Bummer about everyone being sick, though.

Ditto Family said...

Oh my, that is not good news...well I guess if you like cats it is partially good news. Did I mention that my kids are SUPER jealous?

Get well!!

EdgyK said...

I am excited to meet your new member of the family. Claire is a cutey and it's fun to hear about all her adventures. I hope you guys get better soon. We've had a lot of sickness too.

Dawn said...

So sorry you're all sick - no fun! Jon stayed home from work today with a fever - he had a cough and the chills and aches. Doing better now. I'm glad you get to keep the cat - I'll bet the kids really like that. That's really funny about Claire calling the cat "Poopy."