Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good new and bad news

The good news is Claire turned two on Monday. We love this little girl so much. She's been so much fun lately. She starting to talk a lot and says the funniest things. Claire:
-Is obsessed with animals
-Loves "doodles" and string cheese. Her favorite treat is ice cream
-Claire is always quick to say please, thank you and i'm sorry
-She is loved by her siblings, Malia is practically a second mom to her. This morning
I woke up and Malia had already changed Claire's diaper and got her dressed. (Nice! I should
sleep in more often.)
-When Claire gets nervous or shy she stuffs her hands in her mouth and won't talk
-We love this girl and can't imagine our house without her!
It's spring break for the kids, so we all went to McDonalds for lunch. Claire watched her favorite "move it, move it" movie (madagascar) and then we had our awesome party.

Okay, it wasn't so awesome, but she's only two and she didn't really know what was going on. I made her kitty cupcakes and she opened a few presents. Grandma and Grandpa came up to celebrate with Claire. The best thing about Claire's birthday is she (we) got a new cat! (yes a real one)

The kids named the cat Ruby. Her previous owners had named her Isolde and since i'm not even sure how to pronounce that, we decided to give her a new name. She's a sweet cat, but still very skiddish around the kids. She spent the first few days hiding behind our bed. She would come out at night after the kids were in bed. The kids are in love with her.

If you look at the picture closer you can see that Ruby has one blue eye and one green eye.

Now...The bad news is that Claire may be allergic to Ruby. This is what her face looked like
this morning. Not the best picture, but you get the idea. So what do we do now?? I'm assuming it's the cat since this has never happened before. But the kids will be devastated if we have to get rid of her....So we'll keep an eye on Claire for a few days and take it from there.


Ditto Family said...

Two years old!!! Wow, I love how she has brought such joy to your family.

My kids will be so jealous to hear that Ruby has (maybe) joined your family. So who is going to clean up the poop? I'll be anxious to hear if Claire is allergic to her.

Stephen said...

Just keep the cat, even if she has allergies. It will build character.

Julia said...

My kids will die when they hear their cousins have a cat. They want a pet so bad! Ruby is so pretty--even with the mismatched eyes. Bummer about the possible allergy. Maybe it will pass???? When we first moved into our house, I broke out in hives on my arms and legs for a few days every few weeks--it never happened until we lived here, so it must have been something in the house. But then they just stopped. So maybe there's hope.