Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Small blessings

Has anyone ever had a problem signing onto their blog? When I click on the "sign in" link, nothing happens. I have to go to in order to sign in. I can't find any help on their websites either? Anyone else ever have this happen??

On another note...we showed the house once and we received good feedback, but no offer....
So a funny story. It seems kind of silly, but oh well. A few weeks ago we lost our main tv remote. We could watch tv still, but we couldn't skip past commercials or pause the show. And we had to manually get up and turn the channel (gasp!) We searched high and low for it and after a week assumed that it had accidently been thrown out in the trash. So I called a local dish network guy and he said a new one was $40, but he might have a used showroom remote we could buy for $25. So he said he would call me back and let me know. I waited another 3-4 days and he finally called back and said yes he did have one. Then he said he was actually at home ready to take a "siesta" and that he would call me later that day when he was out. He never called. (This was 4 days ago) So every day after that I would think, "I should head down to the dish network store and pick up that remote" but there always seemed to be something more important to get done. So last night Malia runs into the room yelling "I found the remote!" She found the remote in our shoe bench that I swear to you I've looked in every day for the past two weeks. I've pulled shoes out and thrown shoes in....I have NO idea how I could have missed it. So, it seems silly, but we considered it a blessing that that flakey dish man never called us back, and that we didn't waste $25 on a new one. We were so excited that we took the kids to Baskin Robbins to use some gift certificates we've been saving. I know we are totally lame celebrating the new found remote...but the kids thought it was the best night ever.


Amanda said...

You have to celebrate the small things in life to or you won't celebrate very often. Plus I think finding something like a remote that has been missing that long is a big deal!!! We have been there!

Ditto Family said...

Yeah for a little nibble on your home!

Wonderful miracle story!

And no, I haven't had your sign in problem before.

EdgyK said...

That's an awesome story.