Thursday, September 11, 2008

First day pics

I don't think I can call myself a blogger unless I post "first day of school" pics. This year Malia started second grade and Jacob started Kindergarten. They both LOVE school. On the first day, Jacob was up and dressed with his backpack on, an hour and a half early. My only complaint is that kindergarten is only 9-11:30. By the time I get home (or go run an errand) the next thing I know it's time to pick him up. He's decided to ride the kindergarten bus home and he loves it.
Malia also loves her teacher this year, and to be honest it's nice to have them back in school. Cole is pretty bored without Jacob around to play with. Those two play so well together, with an occasional fight. But they'll shut themselves in their room for hours playing legos. So I guess in that sense it's good that kindergarten is so short. They are both looking forward to a fun year!


Ditto Family said...

I've been waiting for these pictures. It's always fun to see the kids dressed in their school best--showing off what they consider "cool."

amy said...

WOW i cant believe how old your kids are!!! and soooo cute! you guys really need to start making it to a few reunions - this is ridiculous! love ya!!