Monday, October 27, 2014

Nicaragua 2014

In February we took a trip to Nicaragua with Brent's family.  I find the first question I get asked when I tell people this is, "Why in the world did you go to Nicaragua?!"  I received comments like, "don't get kidnapped", "Please be safe" and from my mom..."do you have a will yet?"  Obviously Nicaragua has a bad rap in the U.S.
 So to answer the question, "why did we choose Nicaragua?"  Well, I somehow ended up with job of "vacation home hunting."  We were planning this trip with my husbands siblings and mom.  We really looked everywhere.  We wanted it to be warm, and we wanted it to not cost an arm and a leg.  We finally narrowed our search down to a couple places in mexico, nicaragua and maybe costa rica?  As a family we voted, and Nicaragua won.  We were looking for somewhere a little more "adventurous" than the usual puerto vallarta, etc.  We found a great place, on a private beach in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, for a great price.
  I have to admit there were some fears amongst the group before we left.  Wondering if we were headed into a hostile, unsafe place. Brent wasn't worried at all, I was only worried about driving around in a strange country, and I was a little worried that our accomodations wouldn't be what we thought.  Being "responsible" for finding the place, I was feeling a little pressure. Mostly I was worried about leaving the kids behind with my Mom.  What a big job for her! :)
  So we left Spokane Friday afternoon and drove to Seattle for our first flight.  The drive over actually went really quick and we got to Seattle early enough to run a few errands....

It has now been several months since our trip and Brent it taking over the rest of the blog...  We had a great time in Nicaragua and really enjoyed spending time with each other.  We did so many fun things and are still very much in love!

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