Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yet another weekend update.

We had a great weekend. It was in the low 80's and we enjoyed every minute of it. Saturday morning jacob had a t-ball clinic. He started playing t-ball last month and has loved it. Sports are big around here. He has practice/games 3 times a week...he even has to wear a cup, and he's 5! I do have to admit, he's a pretty good little player. He's the smallest on his team, but he's got a strong arm!

Saturday morning at 9am I started working on the kids playarea in our backyard. We are edging the play area with rock and filling it in with pea gravel. We are also making an area for the trampoline and filling that with wood chips. We bought the kids a wooden playset and it took ALL day to set up. I was outside from 9am to 9pm, and we still aren't finished. Hopefully i'll have some pictures soon.
Earlier today I heard Cole crying really hard in the bathroom. Turns out, he had cut his hair with some scissors and I think he scared himself...watching all of that hair fall to the floor. I had a hard time not laughing, but he was SO embarrassed. He walked around with his hand over his head, trying to cover up his mess-up. After his nap I asked him if I could take a picture and he said "NO." I'm a bad mom and took one anyway, hence the mad face. (He cut the very front..you can see if you look hard)
This is Cole after his hair cut/shave. Much happier now!

For some fun news, Claire is finally walking and it's sooo cute. She probably walks 50% of the time...a little more each day. The kids love it, they love to hold her hands and walk around the house with her.
Hope you all have a great week!


Amanda said...

I am counting my blessings that I have not had a kid cut their or someone else's hair yet. I hope it never does. At least with boys you can shave it off. I think it would break my heart if Amelia's hair was cut!

Jonna T. said...

Cute! Chloe did the same thing the summer before she started preschool, in pretty much the same spot as him. Center front, and right to the scalp. I had to cut her hair really short so it would sort of blend. She looked like a really cute litte boy for a long time! At least with Koben, I can shave his head if he ever decides to try it, his haircut is pretty much the same thing right now!

PDX Toveys said...

Caleb has started T-ball as well up here with his dad being the coach. Don't know what I got myself into? You and Brent with all your athletic skills would be great coaches, if your not already?

Ditto Family said...

Can't wait to see the finished backyard project! We enjoyed great weather too--sure does give you the outside bug.

Julia said...

Hilarious hair story. Kudos for taking the picture even though he was mad at you. I think they eventually forget everything up until they're five or something, right?