Thursday, April 17, 2008

For the g-parents!

This may only be interesting to the grandparents!


Ditto Family said...

SUPER DUPER exciting!!!! Look at her...all big now with her hair all done up and everything.

Ditto Family said...

Just noticed what Cole is doing in the background...funny.

A big happy family said...

yes, Cole was asked several times not to write on himself...the pen was confiscated right after I took this video. He had drawn circles all over his arms. He looked like a tattoed man for awhile.

Jonna T. said...

Cute! Every parent enjoys watching the first steps. Even when it is someone elses baby.

Very funny on Cole and the pen. We fight the confiscation here daily. Koben got ahold of one at Craigs office yesterday, and had a lot of ink on him when he came home!