Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My top ten

Brent actually requested I do this, so here goes:
My top ten list of things I want/don't want for Mother's day.

1. Donna Karan's cashmere mist deodorant. This is one of those things that I just won't buy for myself, but i've always wanted.

2. Mini muffin pan. Yes exciting I know.

3. Ramekins. So I can make those yummy chocolate souffle's with the chocolate goozing out of the middle.

4. I want the sun to shine! SOOOOO sick of this cold weather.

5. I want to go for a walk with my family...in the sunshine.
6. I don't want to change any poopy diapers!

7. I don't want to make dinner.

or if your husband cooks as much as mine, he may look like this.....

8. I want to relax and read a book

9. I would like a massage, but not by anyone resembling this guy. Yikes!

10. And I can think of no better way to end the perfect day!

And that to me...sounds like the perfect day off.


EdgyK said...

That sounds fabulous!!! I have also wanted mini muffin pans for so long and why won't I just buy them? I am cheap. I can't believe you put a naked picture of yourself on your blog!?!?

Ditto Family said...

Sounds like a potentially splendid day!

Annie Ditto said...

The cooking picture is exactly what it would look like if Kelly "cooked" we'd probably have Mountain House for dinner!
Your package is finally on its way! Sorry it took me so long! I hope you love it!

Julia said...

I want that day, too. I think everyone should have a sundae at exactly 8pm on Mother's Day. Or I'll just have one now. Sounds so good!

Amanda said...

I agree! Every one should have Sunday at the end of the day. I am sorry to say that when I do that I gain weight! I haven't figured out why yet but I have kicked the habit and only give in once a week! But It does sound like a wonderful day! My husband does cook on Mother's day because if he didn't he wouldn't eat! We always have BBQ or roast! Either is good for me because I DIDN'T MAKE IT!

EdgyK said...

Yay! Congratulations to the bunco winner of a mini muffin tin. 1 down 9 to go!