Sunday, April 27, 2008

Finished with our projects;

It was a busy week here! Tuesday night I hosted bunco, and I'm happy to say that I can now scratch a mini-muffin tin off my mother's day list, because I won one. Yay! Thursday Night I threw a baby shower for a friend in the ward. She told me that cheesecake was her favorite dessert, so I made a lemon white chocolate cheesecake and a fudge truffle cheesecake. I think I made too much, because I ended up with a few too many pieces in the fridge. Sooo tempting! We finally had some sun this weekend, so we were able to finish up our backyard. We made a playarea for the kids and made a designated trampoline area, so we aren't moving it all around the yard. We ended up hauling 4 yds of pea gravel and 3 yds of hog fuel. We definately bought more than we needed. We are really happy with how it turned out, and happy that we are done!! (You guys should check out my muscles now....!)

This is a picture of my newly painted door and shutters. Before, the door was red and the shutters were white. I just decided one day that they should be black, and I love it!

We have been keeping busy with more vinyl orders...they seem to be coming more regularly now and I've been making some signs for a fair we are doing in July. So those keep me busy. The kids are enjoying a few nice days and just stay outside ALL day. I love it! I'm not looking forward to the rain that is forecasted for next week. Brent is playing city league softball with some guys from church and is loving it. I told him they need to do a co-ed team so I can sharpen up my skills. :)
On another note: I'd like to welcome my brand new niece, Kate Marjorie Jones, into the world! Can't wait to meet her!


Ditto Family said...

Your back yard looks AWESOME! Nicely done. Brent, that softball league sounds fun.


Debbie Tovey and Family said...

I LOVE the black door/shudders. Looks so sharp. Your home and yard look lovely! I'm getting the inside of our house a lot closer to how I want it...then I look at the outside and want to bury my head in the sand! Yikes! So much work to be done, so little time/money to do it with.

Amanda said...

Looks great! Yard work is rough but I love it because if is like instant gratification! You get done and it is beautiful. No one messes it up in 5 minutes like a freshly moped floor!

Julia said...

Everything looks so great! Like, home and garden show great. Way to go!

Ditto Family said...

I bet your arm muscles are HUGE after all that work : ) You and Brent are a great work team! Everything is just perfect!!!!

EdgyK said...

I saw this yard first hand it looks awesome! You guys are amazing. I was telling DH how nice it looks because it's finished. Our back yard is always a work in progress. Kind of like our house. Cory informed me that you are going to come and paint something on his wall. Now that you have your house all finished.