Thursday, November 8, 2007

I bet you wish you had "Claire Hair"

(Click on the picture so you can see the close up...)
People pay a lot of money for products that make their hair spikey. Claire is one of the lucky few who will not have to fork over money for these products. Check out this picture...paying close attention to her hair. No, we did not rub her hair with a balloon, it always looks like this. The other day I overheard a lady say "look at the static in that babies hair." I think it is too cute!

Things have been really busy. Just with life in general. I spent the last few days making four different cheesecakes and three cakes for a special young womens activity. I have to admit, I had rave reviews on the cheesecakes...but I only had one sliver of I was bummed I didn't get to try them all. I made a white chocolate raspberry, chocolate turtle, chocolate chip, and pumpkin. YUM!

I still haven't posted the kids' Halloween pics...I promise i'll do it soon!.


Julia said...

How 'bout you plan on making those cheesecakes for the Ditto Christmas Fantastico? I'm salivating already. Claire's hair is too funny. I love it.

Ditto Family said...

I was just going to say that same thing a Julia. I vote for cheesecakes this year for Christmas!!

Dawn and Jon said...

I love the hair! Emma and Becca could use a little of that height in their hair. You've been really busy! What did the young women do with the cheesecakes?