Wednesday, November 28, 2007

From wise to dumb in a week!

I had to post this because I thought it was hilarious. There is this site that determines the reading level of your blog. You simply enter your blog address and it lets you know how smart you are, basically. We'll two weeks ago I entered my blog address and it said "COLLEGE-POSTGRAD". I was pretty happy with myself...because after entering my friends blogs (yes yours) most were undergrads. Ha, I thought! Well, just for fun last week I entered my address again. This time I was an "COLLEGE-UNDERGRAD". Hmmm. Okay. Well, today I thought I would try one last time and sure enough today I was "HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL" Do you think I gone an got dumber in a week??? Maybe naxt wek ill be en grade skool?
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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I stay away from those sorts of things. My ego is too tender!

Ditto Family said...

I'm not even going to consider entering my address in--you'll have to tell me at Christmas how I cracked up to be.