Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just venting

So I went to Michael's craft store last week...that makes the date around Nov. 6th. They had a huge section of Christmas stuff, a little annoying, but i'm okay with that. I have no problem with people buying Christmas decorations early. But what really got me, was that the store was playing Christmas music over their intercom. I mean really???? Christmas music on November 6th...just kind of bugs me. Saturday I went for a walk and saw two houses putting up Christmas lights. And today driving through downtown Salem, I noticed that the Christmas wreaths and "seasons greetings" signs were already up on the light posts. Can't we just enjoy Thanksgiving first? The unspoken rule should be, no Christmas music, no lights, no decorations until the day after Thanksgiving. (okay, i'll allow it on Thanksgiving day, if you're really antsy) But seriously people....it takes a bit of the specialness (is that a word) out of Christmas when you start celebrating it in July!


Anonymous said...

That used to bother me too, but now I find myself enjoying Christmas tunes early. I think this came about because I try to avoid Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving at all costs, and I needed a little Christmas cheer to motivate me to get it done early. I still have our autumn decor up - no need to jump the gun completely. But my BIGGEST pet peeve: Christmas decorations up well after New Years. C'mon people, ya gotta just know when to let go and look forward to next year!

Ditto Family said...

That is something that I totally look forward to after Thanksgiving! Bring on the Christmas cheer!