Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving is over, here comes Santa Claus!

We drove down to Albany to spend Thanksgiving with my parents. Two of my sisters were there and my brother was there with his fiance. We were missing my other two sisters who were in California. It was great to get together, but we did miss you Deyce and Dawn (and family)! Brent and I were in charge of the turkey. It seems to have become a tradition on both sides of the family, for us to make our smoked turkey. It turned out deeelicious! I also made a green salad and two cheesecakes (another tradition now :) We spent the day trying to keep the kiddo's under control and even snuck in a game or two. Dinner was fabulous and of course I ate enough to feed a small army. Brent and I left the kids at my mom's and drove up to Woodburn for the outlet malls "midnight madness" sale. And madness it was....the freeway exit lane was backed up for miles. We were adventurous and tried to take the back roads...and we made it....laughing at all of the cars who were at a standstill on the freeway. The stores were packed. It seriously, was crazy. But I did score a cute jacket at the columbia store for $50 off. The one I bought is green, and very cute.

I also scored a fleece jacket, so I don't have to steal Brent's anymore. Notice that we bought nothing for the kids! We left around 1:30 in the morning, cars were still at a standstill on the freeway. I think we'll be skipping this sale next year! To make things even crazier, we got home at 2, then got up at 5:30 to head to target. You know you have to take advantage of the no kid situation! I am happy to report that we have all of our Christmas shopping done for the kids. Target had some great sales and plenty of everything. It was fun to shop with Brent and no kids.
The only downer of Thanksgiving was that Claire came down with thrush. She hadn't been sleeping well at night and was sucking on her bottles kind of funny, I thought she just had a cold, but I finally figured out what was wrong with her on Thanksgiving morning. Of course her doctor's office was closed for a four day holiday. So we gave a doctor friend from Albany a call, and he was able to call a prescription in for us. Thank goodness for good friends...I'm sure he loved taking care of our medical problems...but we were very grateful.
This week will be busy prepping for our craft fair this Friday. We'll update you on how it goes! Can you believe it's the Christmas holiday season already! Happy Holidays everyone!

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Ditto Family said...

Cute jacket! Sounds like another wonderful holiday. I'm looking forward to your smoked turkey again!