Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Writing festivities

Last Thursday we attended a writing festival for Malia. One child was picked from each grade, at each school in the district. Malia was chosen for the 2nd grade at her school. She was so excited to go get her award. It was fun to go see the book that she had written "The Beatuful Angel" (I guess the teacher doesn't spellcheck for them) The awards part of the night was loonng. They had a guest author speak, as well as having 10 children from the district read there books to the audience. After that they gave each award individually. Luckily our school was towards the front of the alphabetical line-up and we made a mad dash for the door as soon as Malia received her award. We are proud of her, good job Malia!


Debbie Tovey and Family said...

So cool!!!

Ditto Family said...

Malia -- YOU'RE AWESOME!!! I can't wait to hear your story. You should have your mom tape you reading it and then post it for all of us to listen to.