Wednesday, May 20, 2009

While the boys are away the girls shall play

Father/son campout was last Friday. The boys look forward to this every year and so do I. They were so excited and thanks to the photography skills of my hubby I think we really captured their excitement here!

Okay all kidding aside, they did have a great time. I think this picture was taken 30 seconds after they woke up. It was a short trip but they were able to fit in S'mores and some baseball, What more could they want?
Friday night I attempted my 20 mile run, the longest I run before the actual marathon next week. In case I haven't mentioned this before....that's REALLY far and my body is just now recovering. As soon as I got home I took the girls to subway and then we went home to watch "The spiderwick Chronicles" We ended up making it halfway before it got too scary for Malia, so we turned it off and read some books in bed. The next morning we had doughnuts and hot chocolate for breakfast. At 10:30 was the iris festival parade. Our towns annual festival, the kids love the parade, but mostly the candy thrown to them during the parade. It was a great weekend with lots of sun!
I just had to throw this pic in because I thought it was cute. I found Claire cuddling this doll and singing to it, she sure can be cute when she's not screaming.


Deyce and Garrick said...

I'm impressed that you did a 20-miler. That is a LONG way! Good luck with the marathon next weekend. I'll be cheering for you!! I love the picture of Claire!

Ditto Family said...

My body is aching for you...I can't wait to hear how the big run went. Glad the boys had a good time and the girls did too.

Julia said...

You are amazing! We haven't had our father-son campout yet, but I am eagerly anticipating it. And I love the pic of Claire. They can have such shining moments of cuteness, can't they?

family member said...

I never did have too much experience with an empty house during the father/son campouts. remmeber dad would just grab a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter and a few apples.
If you haven't figured it out, my right shift is not working and capitalizing the words. It just started tonight.
thanks for the pictures.
Love MOM