Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Complete randomness

The boys are obsessed, and I mean OBSESSED with these little toys called bakugan's. Every cent that they earn goes towards buying these little things. I don't get it?
These are my latest two vinyl projects for the house. Can you have too much vinyl? Some may say yes, I say no, as long as it's done tastefully. :) I was bored and decided to make a few things. The birds are in the kids' bathroom and the tree branch (may have to click on it, it's a little dark) is in the kitchen. Makes me want to do more!

Three more days until the big marathon, I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it!
We had an offer made on our house, but it fell through when we countered. And no you didn't miss anything, we do not have a house on the market. These were some people we knew...I have such mixed feelings about moving. Makes me realize how much I love our house and friends here!


Debbie Tovey and Family said...

Good luck on the marathon!

Ditto Family said...

Love the new vinyl!!

Heather said...

Hey, Deena,
It's Heather, your Catan buddy. :) Sorry, I closed that window just as you were saying something, and couldn't go back. Thanks for the talk. It was fun! :)

Annie Ditto said...

I'll be thinking of you on saturday!! GOOD LUCK!!
P.S. I also say "no, you can't have too much vinyl!!"

Amanda said...

Good luck on the run! My boys have one of those thingings too... Not sure what it is or why they like it but it entertains them! Wish I had vinyl in my house!!!

Julia said...

Cute vinyl! I especially love the birds.

Dawn said...

Really cute vinyl. I need you to come to my house and be my vinyl consultant! That's funny about your boys - I feel the same way about Carter and his Pokemon cards - I don't get it either.

family member said...

What do those toys do??
Vinyl looks cute. I saw one in a magazine that said, "Be Nice or Leave" I thought it would be good for my classroom-just have to think where to put it. I'm so proud of your run-that takes guts.