Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our Christmas break

Our Christmas break started a week early because of snowy, icy weather. I have to admit it was pretty cool for the first few days. The kids loved playing in the snow and we drank hot chocolate and cozied up in blankets. We enjoyed a few extra days with Daddy at home. We took the kids sledding one day and had a blast. Malia was in a really bad mood that day (which is becoming more common) and refused to get dressed to go. So we made her stay in the car with claire. Well after we were there about 30 minutes she decided it looked pretty fun. So out she came in her flimsy pajamas ready to brave the hill. She loved it. She would have had more fun if she weren't so stubborn and had put on some warmer clothes. Hopefully she learned a little lesson.

This is what happened to our poor tree in our backyard. This picture was taken before even more branches broke off. We now have a HUGE pile of branches in our backyard waiting to go to the dump.

Christmas eve morning we woke up and made santa pancakes. The kids loved them. How could you not, all covered in whip cream! We spent the day playing games and watching movies. Christmas eve Brent went to pick up my sis and brother-in-law from the airport. We all drove down to Albany, but it was pretty late by the time we arrived. So Christmas eve consisted of the kids opening up their jammies, running around a bit and going to bed. I realize I have no pictures of Christmas morning. We took a lot of video and my dad took all of the pictures. And he made sure he got EVERYBODY with every gift! Love ya dad.
I had to include this picture, just because it was cute. Claire is soooo attached to her pacifier. I've tried to take it away, but she is seriously the loudest baby/toddler on the planet. So the paci goes back in. In this picture, Jacob has tied her paci to her stuffed dog so she wouldn't lose it.
After Christmas Brent's mom came to stay with us for a few days. After we picked her up from the airport (Brent's birthday) We went to Ikea, ate at the Portland city grill, went to deseret book and headed home. We left the kids with my mom, so we enjoyed taking our time. We also took a trip to OMSI (thanks Grandpa!) I haven't been there since I was little and the kids have never been. They loved it! They practically had to kick us out. After OMSI we headed over to Fuddruckers for an awesome dinner.

Sunday was Malia's birthday/baptism. We let Malia sleep in our room the night before her birthday. While she was asleep we gave her bedroom a makeover. Brent made her a new desk, we put up new curtains/bedspread, and fun vinyl on the wall. (I'll post before and after pics as soon as her room is clean enough for "after" pics) What a fun day it was for her. She loved being in the "spotlight" and having her own special day. She was lucky enough to have aunts, uncles,cousins, grandparents, and friends all be there for her. Our house was crazy that night, with kids everywhere. But they have so much fun together.
Malia was baptized by her Dad and I think it will be a day that she'll always remember.


So Many M's said...

Those are such cute pancakes. I'll have to try them next year. Congrats on the baptism, isn't it weird to think that you have an 8 year old? I'm still trying to cope with it. There is no way that it has been that long. Oh well, they have to grow up sometime right?

Debbie Tovey and Family said...

Has it really been 8 years since you had that little girl? Oh, my gosh! She is beautiful!

Amanda said...

Sounds like you guys have been very busy! I have been lazy since my injury but I am on 2 feet again. Gimping along but at least I have two hands free! So we will be blazing along again! Congrats on the baptism!

Jonna T. said...

My children also love Omsi! They have a great time when they are there. I'm glad you guys had fun. I can't believe you haven't been there since you were little. Dad used to take me there every summer, probably more because he loved it so much. Congrats on the Baptism. Eight year olds are fun, yet exhausting. Mom said we were supposed to get together a couple weeks ago, but no one told us?? Not sure what that was all about. Have we been expelled from the family? Somewhere along the line she told me I was supposed to find a time for us to all get together in the spring. Like there is a space big enough for that? Have no idea why I was nominated, but guess I will keep everyone updated. Glad you had a fantastic Christmas season!

Julia said...

You guys are WAY too fun. Santa pancakes and sledding and surprise room makeovers--seriously, you have GOT to stop. That picture of Claire with her pacifier tied to a bear is hilarious.