Friday, January 9, 2009

Malia's happy birthday makeover

Here's some pictures of Malia's room makeover. I decided to change a few things in her room when I was looking at her curtains one day and noticed a nice two tone affect caused by the sun (and no blinds).

BEFORE: boring and bland

I have to say I was inspired by my sis-in-law Julia's fun design style. So we picked
out some fun fabric at ikea and made the wall art, the curtains and the lamp. I designed the
vinyl wall art and Brent made her desk. I found the comforter at target, I was excited that it fit the color scheme so perfectly. There are still a few little things I'd like to do, but overall i'm happy with how it turned out. The most important thing is that Malia loves it.


Anonymous said...

How fun! You guys are so creative. How about you come down and design my girls' bedroom???!!!

Ditto Family said...

Just LOVE it!!!!

Annie Ditto said...

SO FUN and Colorful!! I LOVE IT!!

Julia said...

Oh my gosh, Debbie told me that it turned out really cute, but I had NO IDEA! It is all so adorable. I love the IKEA fabric and the vinyl. I might have to put in an order. Please don't let Malia spill the beans to any cousins that some mommies and daddies do spontaneous room makeovers!

EdgyK said...

You are the funnest parent's ever. I love her room. I hope she appreciates how cool you are. I can't wait to see it in real life.