Thursday, March 11, 2010

One happy mama

Okay, i'm posting this, not to brag, but because this blog has become my journal and I want to remember this. Last night around 6 I received a call from the school. I thought it was strange to be getting a call from a teacher at that hour. Anyway, it was Jacob's teacher and she started out by saying, "I just wanted to call you and tell you how much I love Jacob and enjoy having him in class." She said Jacob was a great example to the other kids. She said that she has never taught someone that age who had such a big heart. She went on to give examples of things he had said or done in the classroom. This is the same boy that I was yelling at 10 minutes earlier for hitting and kicking his brother and I was feeling frustrated! By the end of her phone call I was almost in tears. Honestly, it is the best compliment in the world for a mom to hear such great things about one of their kids and I can't tell you how happy it made me to know that he is actually learning the things we are trying to teach him. And I thought it was so sweet of his teacher to take the time out of her day to call me and let me know what she thought of Jacob. It made me one happy mama!


Deyce said...

That's awesome. You inspired me. If I was still teaching, I would make a few "good news" calls after work today. :)

Ditto Family said...

I love that his teacher took the time to call too! Jacob does have a huge heart! What a kid!