Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My attempt at being a fun mom

So the kids and I decided to make homemade Valentine's this year. We found some cute ones in family fun magazine. We made flowers with a lollipop center for the girls and owls for the boys. It took us a good part of an afternoon and after cutting hundreds of hearts, and other shapes I was starting to realize why all the other "smart" parents spent 2.00 to buy spongebob valentines. :) And even though it took FOREVER...the kids thought it was pretty cool that they brought Valentines to school that they had actually made. And I felt like I racked up a few "good mommy" pts.


Deyce said...

Wow, I'm impressed! That sounds like fun.

Ditto Family said...

Very cute!! I saw that idea in the Family Fun magazine but I decided without having a heart punch it would be way too much work. We did come up with a "homemade" heart stuck to a little box of nerds.

Julia said...

The kids and I made some of those flower valentines as well. I only had to make like 10 and I was ready to kill myself. Good job, supermom!