Sunday, January 10, 2010

ghosts of girlfriends....gross!

Last night Brent and I watched "The ghosts of girlfriends past." It was yet another movie in which Hollywood has taken a very cute storyline and ruined it. The first half of the movie was so crude and raunchy. I think the word sex was mentioned every 10 seconds, and not in a good way. We finally looked at each other and decided to fast forward to the end. The end of the movie was great, I have to say it even brought a tear to my eye. But afterwards I was left thinking "that COULD have been a great movie." I hate when they take a great story and ruin it with dirty-ness (is that a word?) and crudeness.
On another note I'm still working on our Christmas of these days!

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Amanda Davis said...

Thanks for the report. I HAD wanted to see the movie but now I don't think I will waist my time!