Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Question...please help

Okay so about six months ago we took away Claire's pacifier. It seemed to be going well,
then I notice that every once in awhile she has her thumb in her mouth. Now it seems that she is sucking her thumb more and more. Last night we went to check on her before we went to bed and there she was sucking her thumb. So, do we give her, her pacifier back? I have two boys that suck their thumbs/fingers and to this day we are struggling to get them to stop. Not quite sure what to do here?? Any suggestions.


Julia said...

I wish I could offer some help, but I'm soon to follow you into the realm of stopping the thumbsucking. I think it's going to go badly.

Ditto Family said...

Yeah, good luck on that one. We've been saying ever since Christmas that we are going to take away Chloe's pacifier and she is still going strong today.

Coop did quit sucking his thumb a couple of months ago and at his dentist appointment on Monday the dentist was raving over how much better his teeth already are. For Coop, his blanket was totally connected to his thumb. We said "bye bye" to his two blankets and then offered him a motorcycle toy if he stopped. We were SHOCKED at how easy it was for him.

Maybe call your dentist and ask their opinion.

family member said...

Ashton sucks his fingers and the dentist said it's not really a worry till their big teeth come in. I personally wouldn't give the pacifire back. I pulled codys when he was a year and that worked way better than it did when I waited almost 2 to take Bradens. There probably isn't a great answer though.

EdgyK said...

Mya sucked her thumb and we told her before kindergarten she had to stop or she couldn't go. She stopped herself the summer before. We found nagging only makes it worse. Valory sucked her thumb but has stopped on her own in the last year. I never gave my kids a pacifier so my situation is a little different. My cousin sucked her thumb past the age of 8 but she just turned 34 and we were roommates in college and I pretty sure she has stopped. Hope that helps.