Friday, July 11, 2008

You live, you learn

Is it physically possible to die from boredom? I asked myself this question a dozen times today. This our weekend at the marion county fair. Otherwise known as the Marion lamest place in the world fair. Holy Cow, i've learned i need to do more research before I sign us up for a fair. The fair lasts four days (12 hour days) We have been open 2 days and sold about 8 things. There is no way that we will be making any money on this deal. In fact we'll be losing some. But i'll have to chalk it up as a "learning experience." Just so you understand how lame this fair is, our booth is surrounded by, "Brink's home security", "a united way booth" "3 grange booths" and some guy selling tools. Hardly anyone walks by all day and I am going completely insane. I've read national geographic, parents, family circle, Ok, Canadian living, The friend, readers digest and a few others, twice! I've mastered Sudoku, and inspected my hair for every split end possible. :)
We plan on enduring another day and then bailing on the whole show (against the rules..but who cares!) so we don't have to work Sunday. It was just not the right venue for our stuff. Oh well, you live you learn.


Julia said...

Man, what a bummer. I totally understand what you're saying about the B-O-R-I-N-G factor. I have had a few jobs like that. I'm glad you're bailing out of the lameness early.

EdgyK said...

I am soooo sorry. I wish it could have turned out better. We'll be glad to see your righteousness on Sunday.

Jonna T. said...

The Clackamas County fair is the same way. We don't even go into the building that has all that stuff in it anymore. There is hardly anyone in there, and it's mostly advertising for realty, tupperware, weird shoes with springs, car wax, and all sorts of odd objects like the ones grandma used to get as "free gifts" from the publishers clearing house. I'm thinking your stuff is too nice for some of these county fairs!