Friday, July 18, 2008

My definition of a successful day as a SAHM

1. I've made it through an entire day without some sort of mystery stain ending up on my shirt.

2. I've only yelled at my kids once.

3. Dinner is made, and STILL warm, when Brent gets home.

4. I've managed to do laundry AND get it folded AND get it put away.

5. I get my one hour of quiet time in the middle of the day.

6. I can count the number of fights I have to break up on one....two hands.

7. My house is mostly clean. (I can't say ALL the way clean, because that would never happen)

8. Claire takes two naps and goes down easy

9. I only eat chocolate once.

10. I have one of those "mom moments" when you see your kids getting along (rare) and your heart just melts when you think about how much you love them.

Obviously having a day like this almost never happens...but if I can't succeed at 1-9, i'll just take one #10.


Ditto Family said...

I was feeling a bit of a failure moment as I read your list. I don't think I can ever get ALL that done in ONE day BEFORE Birch gets home. That must be why I don't feel so "successful" very often.

But I would take #10 any day!

Amanda said...

I love days like that! It rarely happens but you feel like you conqured the world on that day! I think a day with getting the laundry done folded and put away is like amazing!!! (the putting away is my hard part!)