Monday, July 21, 2008

I can never think of a good title!

We had a great weekend, we started it out by going to Brent's softball game Friday night. They didn't win, but he did get an in the park homerun! Woohoo! It was one of those warm summer evenings when it just feels good to be outside. I had a good time visiting (when not chasing after children) with some of the other ladies and the kids were all really good. (amazing, I know)

Saturday we took the kids up to the temple and walked around the grounds. The kids loved the fountains. Then we went to the bookstore and picked up some much needed items. Brent picked up a copy of "Hubener vs. Hitler-a biograph of Helmuth Hubener, Mormon teenager resistance leader." I'm excited to dig into that one. Next we headed to trader joe's. It was actually my first time going to that fabulous store. I picked up a huge basil plant for 3.00.

My basil plants that are in pots on the deck are about 1/10th of this size, so I thought it was a pretty good deal. My mouth is salivating just thinking of all of the tomato/basil/mozarella salad i'll be eating. Yum!

Saturday afternoon we totally cleaned out the garage and sent a huge load of garbage to the dump and a huge load of "stuff" to goodwill. It felt so good to clean that mess up. If you've been in our garage you know what i'm talking about. We bought some storage containers and tried to organize a bit more. Saturday night we had the missionaries over and went high class, feeding them egg mcmuffins. I know, we are amazing cooks.

Sunday Brent gave a good talk on the priesthood. I still admire how he can get up there and not be a bit nervous. oh, wouldn't that be nice! He did a great job.

Today the kids and I picked blueberries. It's the second time we went out this year. The first ti me we just froze the berries, this time i'm going to attempt to make blueberry jam? I've never had it, but i've heard it's good. I'll have to let you know!


Ditto Family said...

You guys always pack your weekends full of fun and productive stuff. I think the missionaries like an occasional low-key meal. We've served breakfast several times for dinner and it has always seemed appreciated.

Thanks again for making the trek to the zoo to be with us! The kids just LOVE being with their cousins!

Dawn and Jon said...

Wow Deena - that was an amazing weekend! I'll bet it felt good to get so much done - we cleaned our garage up over the weekend too. For some reason it needs a thorough clean up every few months or so! I'm jealous you guys are picking blueberries - we missed it this year. I just made a yummy blueberry crumble - so good! You liked Trader Joes? It's such a fun store. I've been thinking the kids and I need to pop in there and see what we can find!
love ya!

family member said...

What a delightful weekend. I think the messy garage syndrom must be inherited, for which I am sorry. We haven't got to ours this summer yet. I feel like I'm losing the summer and not getting done everything I want to do!! Love you all,

EdgyK said...

"For the love of Basil." That's what you could title it.