Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

I woke up on Valentine's Day morning to a beautiful card written by Brent. In the card he told me my present was in the other room. I found this rug that I had been admiring at Target a few weeks ago. It was funny because I was at Target the night before V-day and walked by the rugs and this one that I liked was gone. So I was a little bummed, even though I wasn't really planning on buying it. My husband is the best! It really finishes off the room. And I have to say that I continued my streak of giving the lamest gift lame that I will not even admit to what it was. For anyone looking closely at the picture, notice the white spot on the fireplace. Either the sun was playing tricks on me or our house is haunted!

We had a special V-day dinner. Sweet-n-sour meatballs (more like sweet meatballs), rice, Salad, broccoli, and little heart shaped chocolate cakes for dessert. We did discover that Claire loves broccoli. She was turning away everything else we gave her and reaching for the broccoli. Strange...The kids each got a little treat bag and a little gift. There was a little squabbling over "someone's gift being better than the others." You know the story. But other than that we had a great Valentines Day.
***On the way to the library today Jacob and I were talking about getting old. I asked him, "will you still love me when i'm old and wrinkly?" He thought about it for quite awhile and said, "I'll love you ALMOST as much." he held his little fingers together and said, "i'll just love you THIS much less. " :) I guess i'd better enjoy his complete love for me now while i'm still somewhat young.


Anonymous said...

What a great guy that Brent Ditto is! The rug looks perfect in that room!

Anth said...

The new rug looks nice.

Are you really not going to tell us what you did for him?

EdgyK said...

My DH read your blog and came in and asked me, So is he the best Husband ever or what? I said I was sorry for not posting a picture of the Great Harvest bread he got me. Brent really sets the bar high. My gift for my husband was lame too. I come up with something cool about 50% of the time.

Anonymous said...

Your house is so pretty, Deena! Tav

Ditto Family said...

Gorgeous rug!!! Dinner looks yummo too!