Thursday, February 7, 2008

Since my "what's normal" post, i've been really trying to make an effort to spend some time with the kids each day doing something fun. Either making muffins, playing a board game, reading books, playing with playdoh. It really is something I have to make an effort at, but the rewards are amazing. The kids are so much happier, and more willing to help and be obedient after i've spent a little time with them. I know this is common sense, but I just think it's so easy to go through life doing the mom thing and then *BAM*, they're all grown up.
Just an update on us: Brent is getting a new church calling after being the executive secretary for about 5 years. I can't say what it is until Sunday. :)
Malia: Just found out that she gets to go on her first airplane ride with her Grandma Robbins. THey are headed down to southern California to visit her cousins over spring break. She hasn't stopped talking about the trip since she heard the news. It may be a long month and a half! I have to admit that i'm a little jealous, that warm sun sounds SO good right now!
Jacob: I just signed Jacob up for t-ball. This will be his first time playing a sport and he is so excited. They don't start until April, so again it will be a waiting game until the fun begins.
Cole: This kid makes me laugh. He is so much fun to have around (most of the time) He is just content to play legos, playdoh, and computer games. He's sitting here with me right now and is telling me to write "Happy birthday, and tell them to make cake!" He's already planning his batman birthday in June.
Claire: She decided to get all of her teeth at once. She has four top teeth coming in. She seems to be pretty used to it now and isn't too grumpy. She's a great sleeper and takes two good naps a day. I can't believe she'll be one next month. The year went by so fast. She is moving around holding furniture, but hasn't tried to stand on her own yet.

Just something I was thinking about? I called someone the other day and the line was busy. I got the operator that says, "the line is busy, for only 75cents qwest can keep trying for you." I just want to know, do people actually pay 75 cents just so they don't have to dial a few numbers again?? Who does that?


Anth said...

Oh my gosh, Brent is the new bishop.

Ha ha

I know, 75 cents? I always think, well if it was like 9 cents maybe I'd do it, but 75 is TOO MUCH.

A big happy family said...

Brent is NOT the new bishop, not even funny anth. :)

Ditto Family said...

You will have us waiting on pins and needles to hear his new calling...hum, RS Pres again?

I think that it is great that the kids have so much fun to look forward to in the next few months.

Annie Ditto said...

Wow, Brent must be pretty awesome if Sara thinks he's going to be RS President!! I didn't know that could happen! hee hee! Poor Brent, I think that calling would be WORSE for him than Bishop :)

Anonymous said...

Always fun to hear what the Ditto's are up to! My condolences to you for the massive teething episode. So not fun, but at least it will be overwith sooner that later (I hope).