Saturday, January 5, 2008

Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy

Unfortunately I learned this the hard way. Yesterday I received a call from a man asking "is this Ditto Designs?" (This is the name of our craft fair business) I was caught off guard a bit. "Yes" I reply. He continues "I would like to order one of your benches and your website says you have 10 in stock?" "Yes" I reply. Uh-oh. Is is too late to tell him that we actually have NONE in stock? The "yes" just sort of slipped out and i'm not sure how to correct it. So he continues to ask me if he can come pick up a bench TODAY. I tell him today is not a good day, but we could have one ready tommorrow. So after a few calls back and forth, he decides on a black bench ready for pick-up the following day. This means that I have just volunteered Brent to build a bench in 12 hours, and for me to paint it. Seriously, could I add any more stress to my life?? I also had a sign order to complete today. As I spent my afternoon painting, I had a lot of time to reflect on my "mistake." Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy. The good news is that we sold another bench!
On another note: Our Christmas was Fabulous. We went to Spokane for the holidays. I'll post some pics in a few days. After I've had some time to recover from my self-inflicted stressful day. Some of the highlights were: Christmas eve gathering, Christmas morning of course, Chuck-e-cheese, Brent's birthday, bounce-n-play place, Malia's birthday, My birthday, facials and Olive garden with the girls, some service opportunities, and New Year's eve. I'll elaborate more later. Hope you all had a great Holiday.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the things that slip out of your mouth unannounced are sometimes surprising, aren't they? I've found myself in similar predicaments before. I'm so glad you were able to complete your stuff, though!

Ditto Family said...

Well, congrats on the bench order! Good thing that it worked out for Brent and you to pull it off in 12 hours. I'm a bit jealous about the facial and Olive Garden birthday bash that I missed. I'm glad that you and the girls got a date out by yourself.

Julia said...

That's impressive you could pull that off so quickly. I never knew you were such a good liar. Haha.