Monday, January 21, 2008

Funny story

I thought of the perfect story that goes along with my previous post. We have white stair bannisters. About once a week I have to wipe down the round part that sits on top of the railings (I have no idea what they are called) They collect dust and this little ring of dirt forms around the knob. So before Christmas my parents were visiting. My Mom walked by the staircase and exclaimed, "oh you distressed your bannisters." "No" I replied, "that's dirt". I should have just told her that yes we were testing out the "distressed look". :)


Julia said...

This is not related to cleaning, but I get similarly embarrassing comments when people assume that my handwriting is Lucy's (she's 4).

Jonna T. said...

That's ok, every time my mom rides in my car she wipes down my dashboard with one of Kobens baby wipes. And, my germa-phobe father insists on drying his hands with paper towels, because he thinks dish towels will kill him. He won't even use the ones at their house. =) Aaahhh, parents. I would hate to think what grandma would think of my house on a bad day if she was alive. How do people keep their homes so clean? Do they sleep? I must enjoy my small amounts of alone time too much. I refuse to stay up all night and clean, unless people are coming over. I do not clean for repair men. I just state "please ignore our house, we live here." Oh well, I never did like things too perfect!